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Title: ICCC14: Science Track (Saturday October 16)
Description: Panel 1: Anthony Watts, Roy Spencer, Ph.D., and Ross McKitrick, Ph.D., will offer presentations on the latest global temperature trends, and explain what’s driving them. Panel 2: Ken Haapala, David Legates, Ph.D., Howard Hayden, Ph.D., and Tom Sheahen will discuss the scientific method, and how the United Nations’ reports repeatedly violate it. Panel 3: Tom Moser, Greg Goodnight, Bob Bauman, and Jim Peacock of The Right Climate Stuff (founded by former NASA engineers) will give presentations on the disastrous blackouts in Texas last winter and how to avoid such catastrophes in the future. Panel 4: Jay Lehr, Ph.D., Gregory Wrightstone, and Willie Soon, Ph.D., explain which natural forces have the most impact on the climate, and why. It is not CO2 that drives temperature.

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