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Heartland Names Tim Huelskamp Incoming President
Former congressman Tim Huelskamp to take reins of The Heartland Institute in July.
President Kept Promise to Withdraw from Climate Treaty
Heartland has urged this action since attending COP-21 in Paris in December 2015. See our work, which helped Trump make the right call.
Constitutional Reform
July 18, 2017
A Proposed Balanced Budget Amendment
As the debt of the United States government continues to mount, efforts to add a balanced budget amendment (BBA) to the U.S. Constitution are gaining steam. But drafting such an amendment is not as easy as it sounds.
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Government & Politics
Freedom Rising Under President Trump
The election of Donald J. Trump as president offers the best opportunity in decades to shrink the size and power of government and increase individual liberty.
March 30, 2017
Educators: Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming
Rather than rely exclusively on United Nation’s IPCC for scientific advice, educators and policymakers should seek out advice from independent, nongovernment organizations and scientists who are free of financial and political conflicts of interest.
Watch all of the 12th International Conference on Climate Change
See every minute of Heartland's event in Washington, DC March 23-24, 2017
Title: Where Is Health Care Headed in the United States?
Description: Heartland Policy Advisor John Garven will break down the debate surrounding health care reform and give his perspective about the overall outlook for health care in America.

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