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Government Spending
August 3, 2016
How Can Fiscal Rules Fix the American Government? Event
Dr. Barry Poulson warns about the impending financial collapse of the United States economy, which is the largest and most influential in the world. A $20 trillion federal debt calls for a new fiscal rule: a national debt brake.
July 26, 2016
The Use of State Power to Silence Patriots with Eric O'Keefe
Missed this event? Watch the video here.
March 24, 2016
#Our America
#OurAmerica is a nationwide movement to bring our country together to emphasize what makes America fundamentally good and what distinguishes it from other nations.
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Government & Politics
September 15, 2016
The Heartland Institute's 32nd Anniversary Benefit Dinner Event
Laugh, Don't Cry!
July 26, 2016
Is Global Warming a Crisis?
Donn Dears answers this and other critical questions in his new book
June 28, 2016
An Egregious Abuse of Power
On March 29, a group of 17 state attorneys general attended a press conference with former Vice President Al Gore announcing their plan to initiate legal action against ExxonMobil and other groups opposing President Obama’s Clean Power Plan.
Title: The Use of State Power to Silence Patriots with Eric O'Keefe
Description: Conservatives engaged in Wisconsin political debates have endured pre-dawn home raids, dozens of subpoenas and a smear campaign conducted by Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm and his allies. O’Keefe led the effort to terminate the assault by defying a secrecy order and taking the story to the Wall Street Journal. He then organized several lawsuits against the prosecution team. Recently O’Keefe has engaged in reviewing Republican party history and rules. He will be happy to take questions about the Wisconsin fights and the Republican party nomination process.

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