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Title: In The Tank ep 316: Google Blacklisting Heartland, World's Supply Chains Falling Apart
Description: The Heartland Institute's Donald Kendal, Jim Lakely, and Chris Talgo present episode 316 of the In The Tank Podcast. On this episode, the ITT crew talks about the Huffington Post’s attempt to cancel Heartland’s climate conference, Google’s move to demonetize climate “disinfo,” and the global supply chains breaking down. OPENING CHIT CHAT 14th International Conference on Climate Change Huffington Post - Caesars Palace to Host 3-Day Climate Denier Conference GOOGLE BLACKLISTS HEARTLAND Google, YouTube to prohibit ads and monetization on climate denial content Climate Depot – Democrats pressure Google to censor climate skeptics on YouTube (January 2020) GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAINS BREAKING DOWN CNBC – Lebanon suffers 24-hour blackout, food poisoning, business closures amid fuel crisis CNN – The global supply chain nightmare is about to get worse Reuters – ‘There will be things that people can’t get,’ at Christmas, White House warns CNBC – Consumer prices rise more than expected as energy costs surge [Please subscribe to the Heartland Daily Podcast for free on iTunes at this link.]

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