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Alcohol & Tobacco
October 14, 2020
By Heartland Staff
Testimony before the Phoenix City Council regarding a potential city ordinance that would place a ban on flavored nicotine products and flavored tobacco products in Phoenix.
September 29, 2020
By Heartland Staff
Phoenix Facing Potential City Ordinance That Would Ban the Sale of Flavored Nicotine Products and Harm Businesses Despite COVID-19 Economic Struggles
September 4, 2020
By Heartland Staff
The local ordinance would ban sales of flavored liquid nicotine products.
July 9, 2020
By Samantha Fillmore
Senate Bill 375 will be crossing Gov. Brian Kemp's desk and would impose a 7 percent tax on vaping products. In the midst of the coronavirus-related recession this may inadvertently harm employment in the vaping industry in Georgia.
June 10, 2020
By Samantha Fillmore
Governor Newsom released a revised budget proposal that includes a large vapor tax increase that will harm the tobacco cessation efforts in the golden state.
March 12, 2020
By Heartland Staff, Heartland Staff
A proposed bill in the Florida Legislature would ban the sale of flavored nicotine products and have substantial effects on the Sunshine State's economy.
March 4, 2020
By Heartland Staff
Proposal would increase cigarette taxes to $0.60 per pack, double the other tobacco products tax, and create a new tax on liquid nicotine at $0.066 per milliliter.
March 3, 2020
By Heartland Staff
In 2017, only only 3.5 percent of Hawaiian high school students reported using e-cigarettes daily and only 1.2 percent reported smoking combustible cigarettes daily.
February 26, 2020
By Heartland Staff
Colorado proposal would ban the sales of all flavored tobacco products, including cigars, cigarettes, and e-cigarettes.
February 20, 2020
By Heartland Staff
In 2019, only 77.6 percent and 64.8 percent of 9th and 11th grade students, respectively, reported having never used an e-cigarette or vaping device.