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July 1, 2017
July Budget & Tax News: Trump Tax Reform Bill Faces Delays
The July 2017 issue of Budget & Tax News reports congressional leaders are becoming pessimistic about the timetable for negotiating a tax reform bill, as other policy agenda items are consuming more time and effort than expected.
June 30, 2017
Prove Naysayers Wrong, Get Tax Reform Moving Now
According to the June 2017 National Association for Business Economists’ (NABE) report, a survey of professional business forecasters, the Trump administration’s plans to overhaul the federal tax system isn’t likely to happen until 2018.
Health Care
June 27, 2017
PRESS RELEASE: Heartland Institute Experts React to CBO Score of Senate Republicans’ Health Care Bill
"Instead of coercion to buy insurance the uninsured do not want to buy, or wasting more trillions on Medicaid, policy should be focused on lowering premiums and expanding choice" - Peter Ferrara
More News
Health Care
June 27, 2017
Study: Berkeley’s Sugary Beverage Tax Increases People’s Calorie Intake
The tax resulted in unintended consequences.
June 24, 2017
‘Carried Interest’: Let’s Not Increase Taxes On Our Economy’s Engine
Leftism is such an easy soundbite sell. It’s a gaggle of five-second one-liners that seem to make perfect sense – right up until someone applies actual thought to any of them.
June 23, 2017
Tax Reform Would Modernize How U.S. Taxes Global Business Income
With the highest top marginal tax rate in the developed world, if not the entire world, at nearly 40%, counting state corporate taxes on average, this U.S. taxation is very burdensome.

The Center on Budgets and Taxes at The Heartland Institute seeks to stop tax increases at the national, state, and local levels and help elected officials find ways to reduce spending and balance their budgets. It seeks to convince elected officials that lowering taxes and reducing government spending is good policy and good politics.

We help governments lower taxes and spending by exploring opportunities to privatize poorly delivered services. We actively oppose junk science and the use of scare tactics in the areas of public health and environmental protection. And we champion constitutional tax and spending limits for state and national governments.

The national government currently faces a national debt of $18 trillion. National entitlement programs are all on paths to bankruptcy, some as soon as this year. Many states and cities face their own impending financial cliffs as years of over-promising wages and benefits to public workers collide with chronic under-funding of public pension funds. Government debt is a “ticking time bomb” that threatens to destroy people’s savings, the economy, and America’s leadership in the world. The regulatory state is similarly out of control.

In order to stop tax hikes and compel elected officials to control spending, free-market advocates must first prove that lower taxes, privatization of public services, and tax and spending limitations yield stronger economic growth and prosperity. Legislators armed with good information can win debates and get their legislation passed, persuade constituents, and mobilize interest groups that benefit from good policy choices.

The Heartland Institute is especially good at marketing good ideas to elected officials. Everything we do is aimed specifically at meeting the information needs of elected officials. We reach them directly, repeatedly, and with the most persuasive information available. First, we change their minds, and then they change policy.


Title: Dan Pilla on President Trump’s Tax Plan
Description: Just two weeks (give or take) after Tax Day 2017, join Pilla at The Heartland Institute as he discusses these positive impacts, as well as some negative ones; legislative hurdles Trump’s plan may face; and recent developments in taxpayers’ rights.

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