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Opinion/Editorial Climate Change Energy Environment
August 17, 2017
By Tim Huelskamp, Ph.D.
More than 10 years ago, Americans forked over $50 million to listen to the former vice president claim to be a scientist. Since then, most of his predictions have been dead-wrong.
August 16, 2017
By Paul Driessen
Life without oil, natural gas and coal would most likely be nasty, brutish and short.
August 14, 2017
World leaders at the recent G-20 summit presented a mostly unified front against President Donald Trump in retaliation for his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement.
August 10, 2017
By Joseph Bast
In his well-received speech on Wednesday at a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, President Donald Trump once again commented on social, economic, and political crises taking place in Chicago, asking “What’s wrong with Chicago?”
August 8, 2017
By Richard J. Trzupek
The House passed the Ozone Standards Implementation Act of 2017, which instructs the Environmental Protection Agency to delay implementing a microscopic and expensive adjustment to national air quality standards promulgated by the Obama-era EPA.
August 7, 2017
By Alan Carlin
Saving energy is not an appropriate goal for government regulation or even an important one. Energy is very important to modern civilization but it is just one of many commodities required by modern life.
August 7, 2017
By Paul Driessen
Al Gore pedals climate and weather scam. CFACT film and Aussie book present Climate Facts.
August 6, 2017
By Joe Bastardi
Bill Nye has the perfect solution for people who disagree with them: they need to die.
August 1, 2017
By H. Sterling Burnett
A waste of money and time for the relatively number of cities that bothered to take a trendy position on U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Accords.
July 31, 2017
By Frederick D. Palmer, Isaac Orr
Over the past several years, more than 150 coal-fired power plants have closed their doors due to competition from low natural-gas prices and federal policies designed to limit carbon-dioxide emissions from power plants.