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Opinion/Editorial Climate Change Energy Environment
September 21, 2018
By Greg E. Walcher
Have we become a society of people who want to regulate others, but not ourselves?
September 21, 2018
By H. Sterling Burnett
Climate Change Weekly #299
September 19, 2018
By H. Sterling Burnett
CPP, the centerpiece of the Obama administration’s climate change agenda, forced the premature closure of dozens of coal-fired power plants and deserved to be eliminated.
September 18, 2018
By H. Sterling Burnett
In July, federal Judge John F. Keenan of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York dismissed New York City's lawsuit against five major oil companies.
September 18, 2018
By Greg E. Walcher
How we long for the good old days! That is the tone of some environmental industry leaders who are screaming bloody murder (literally, not figuratively) about the Interior Department’s interpretation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
September 18, 2018
By Paul Driessen
Permanently bury these job-killing proposals, after pounding wooded stakes through their hearts.
September 17, 2018
By Billy Aouste
Week of September 10, 2018
September 14, 2018
By H. Sterling Burnett
Climate Change Weekly #298
September 12, 2018
By Edmund Contoski
 In a room 20 feet by 20 feet with a ten foot ceiling, how many matches would you have to light for the air in that room to have the same percentage of carbon dioxide as the atmosphere from the annual emissions of all the automobiles in the world?
September 11, 2018
By Jay Lehr, Tom Harris
San Francisco Climate Action Summit intends to set the stage for controlling our lives

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