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News Climate Change Energy Environment
January 14, 2019
By Bonner R. Cohen
The federal production tax credit for wind energy producers has cost the U.S. government billions of dollars in revenues while benefiting just a few large corporations, says a new study by the Texas Public Policy Foundation.
January 11, 2019
By Bonner R. Cohen
Voters in Colorado overwhelmingly rejected a ballot initiative that would have prevented new oil and gas development on approximately 85 percent of the nonfederal land in the state.
January 10, 2019
By Kenneth Artz
State law preempts Oklahoma counties from unilaterally restricting energy development, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has ruled.
January 8, 2019
By Kenneth Artz
A large number of Republican members of the Congressional Climate Solutions Caucus lost their seats in the November midterm elections.
January 7, 2019
By Linnea Lueken
North Carolina voters passed a ballot initiative establishing hunting and fishing as rights protected in the state’s constitution.
January 3, 2019
By Bonner R. Cohen
Arizona voters rejected a ballot initiative which would have required utilities to use renewable sources to produce at least 50 percent of the electricity in the state by 2030, “irrespective of the cost to customers.”
January 2, 2019
By H. Sterling Burnett
A significant error led researchers to issue a correction to estimates of global ocean warming published in the journal Nature.
December 31, 2018
By Kenneth Artz
A $44 billion liquefied natural gas (LNG) export project planned by the state of Alaska to sell natural gas to Asian markets could be upended by November’s election of Mike Dunleavy as the state’s new governor.
December 27, 2018
By Jim Lakely
The Heartland Institute hosted an event in Katowice, Poland discussing the latest research on climate science and the high costs of government efforts to fight purported anthropogenic climate change.
December 26, 2018
By Kenneth Artz
Alaska earned more than $28 million from oil and gas lease sales on state property in the North Slope and the Beaufort Sea in 2018.

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