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Press Release Climate Change Energy Environment
February 17, 2017
By Isaac Orr, Tim Benson, Bette Grande, Steven Milloy, Marc Morano, Tom Harris, Kenneth Haapala, James H. Rust, Walter Starck
‘Pruitt brings to the position a record of extraordinary competence, managerial skill, experience with environmental issues from the perspective of a state official, and, importantly, expertise in constitutional law.’ – Bette Grande
February 8, 2017
By Bette Grande, Tim Benson, Walter Cunningham, Isaac Orr, H. Sterling Burnett, James H. Rust, Paul Crovo
"This is a common-sense approval that is long overdue. This pipeline will make it easier for domestic oil producers to compete in a global marketplace." - Isaac Orr
January 30, 2017
By Jim Lakely
Twelfth International Conference on Climate Change Will Focus on ‘Resetting U.S. Climate Policy’ for the Trump Administration
January 24, 2017
By Isaac Orr, Jay Lehr, Walter Starck, Bette Grande, Kenneth Haapala, S.T. Karnick, H. Sterling Burnett
“This is a big win for the American people, and the science shows that not a single polar bear will die because of it.” - S.T. Karnick
January 19, 2017
By H. Sterling Burnett, Richard J. Trzupek, Isaac Orr
"With Perry at the helm of the Department of Energy, protecting the nation’s energy security – rather than fighting the hobgoblin of human-caused climate change – should once again become the prime goal of the department" - H. Sterling Burnett
January 18, 2017
By Jay Lehr, H. Sterling Burnett, Isaac Orr, James H. Rust
"None can be placed in a position superior to Scott Pruitt, President-elect Trump’s choice to manage the U.S. EPA and return it to the level of excellence intended for it on behalf of the American people." - Jay Lehr
January 12, 2017
By H. Sterling Burnett, Isaac Orr, Tim Benson
“A ban on fracking in Maryland would be based on scary stories, not on science.” - Isaac Orr
January 9, 2017
By Jay Lehr, H. Sterling Burnett, Isaac Orr, Tim Benson, James Taylor, Steve Goreham, Mischa Popoff
"Few people are better suited to undertake the radical reforms necessary to bring the federal regulatory behemoth to heel." - H. Sterling Burnett
January 9, 2017
By Frederick D. Palmer, Jim Lakely
‘I am deeply honored by The Heartland Institute to be asked to serve as senior fellow on energy and climate.’ — Frederick D. Palmer
December 28, 2016
By H. Sterling Burnett, Isaac Orr, Jay Lehr, Tim Benson
Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) yesterday vetoed a bill that would have made compliance with the state’s renewable energy standards – the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS) – optional for the next two years.
December 27, 2016
By Jim Lakely
Dr. Robinson received the “Voice of Reason” award at the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change (2014) and presented at the Second International Conference on Climate Change (2008).
December 14, 2016
By Joseph Bast, Ralph Benko, Peter Ferrara, Lewis Uhler
"The new Trump administration has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to turn the nation away from economic stagnation, racial and class division, and socialism and toward economic prosperity, harmony, and freedom." - Joseph Bast
December 7, 2016
By H. Sterling Burnett, Jay Lehr, John Nothdurft, Bette Grande, S.T. Karnick, Isaac Orr, Marc Morano
"One small appointment for Trump, one giant leap for environmental sanity." - H. Sterling Burnett
December 7, 2016
By Isaac Orr, H. Sterling Burnett, Matthew Glans, Tim Benson
"Illinoisans will be paying more for energy, and Illinois businesses will face higher costs and become less competitive, all so Exelon can garner hundreds of millions if not billions over time, in subsidies." - H. Sterling Burnett
December 6, 2016
By Jay Lehr, Isaac Orr, James H. Rust, H. Sterling Burnett, Tom Harris, Tim Benson
“Denying the pipeline, which is needed to transport approximately 470,000 barrels of oil per day from North Dakota to Illinois, is emblematic of the disdain and disregard President Obama has shown for Middle America throughout his presidency” -Isaac Orr
November 30, 2016
By Tim Benson, Matthew Glans, H. Sterling Burnett
“The government should not decide winners and losers in any market as part of its energy policy. The ideal approach to energy policy would be to repeal all renewable power standards” - Matthew Glans
November 21, 2016
Heartland Institute Document Outlines Positive Policy Agenda for Energy & Environment, Education, Budget & Taxes, Health Care, and Constitutional Reform
November 9, 2016
By Peter Ferrara, Michael Hamilton, Jesse Hathaway, Dr. Donald J. Devine, Lennie Jarratt, H. Sterling Burnett, Tim Benson, Robert Zubrin, Isaac Orr, Robert G. Holland, Heather Kays, Paul Driessen, Dan Miller, Larry Kaufmann, Donn Dears, Charles Battig, Brendon Swedlow, Jane M. Orient, M.D., Neal Schuerer, Bradley A. Smith, Twila Brase, Joe Cobb, Matt A. Mayer, Thomas A. Firey, Bernard (Bud) Weinstein, James H. Rust, Linda Gorman, Devon Herrick, Jason Bedrick, Nick Dranias, Lawrence H. White, Howard Segermark, James E. Enstrom, Mischa Popoff, Clifford Thies, Peter R. Cook, Charles N. Steele, Gerard Gianoli, M.D., Brian R. Forrest, M.D., Cedric Keith, Michael Schaus, Benita M. Dodd, Roger Stark, M.D., Kathy Hoekstra, Sandra Stotsky
In the November 8 election, Donald Trump won the presidency and Republicans retained control of the House and Senate. In state races, Republicans expanded their majorities in state legislatures and gubernatorial mansions.
September 12, 2016
By H. Sterling Burnett, Tim Benson, Bette Grande, Walter Starck, Tom Harris, Mischa Popoff
On Thursday, California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed into law a bill that requires the state to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030, the most-stringent standards in the United States.
September 7, 2016
By John Dale Dunn, Joseph Bast, Paul Driessen, Richard J. Trzupek, Bette Grande, Walter Starck
"I see this US EPA air pollution research project as a gigantic deceit, built on uncontrolled observational studies and projecting non-proof small associations to create big claims of deaths in particular." - Dr. John Dale Dunn, M.D., J.D.
August 31, 2016
By Jim Lakely, Jay Lehr, David L. Applegate, Isaac Orr, Tim Benson, Bette Grande, H. Sterling Burnett, Walter Cunningham, James H. Rust, Walter Starck, Tom Harris, Marc Morano
“For a reputed former constitutional law professor, President Obama seems to show little knowledge of – or regard for – the actual U.S. Constitution, except in his efforts to avoid it." -- David Applegate
June 23, 2016
By Jay Lehr, H. Sterling Burnett, Tim Benson
Heartland Institute Experts React to Court Striking Down Federal Fracking RulesA federal court on Tuesday struck down Obama administration regulations aimed at restricting hydraulic fracturing for oil and natural gas on federal lands. The U.S.
June 13, 2016
By Isaac Orr, Jay Lehr, Tim Benson, Bette Grande, Tom Harris, James H. Rust
Heartland Institute Experts React to U.S.
May 19, 2016
By Isaac Orr, Tim Benson, H. Sterling Burnett
Heartland Institute Experts React to EPA’s Proposal to Increase Ethanol in GasolineThe Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday proposed a new standard that would increase the amount of ethanol in the country’s gasoline supply by 700 million gallons
May 12, 2016
By Isaac Orr, Jay Lehr, H. Sterling Burnett, Tim Benson, Bette Grande, James H. Rust
The Environmental Protection Agency today released its new standards to cut methane emissions from both new and existing sources in the oil and gas sector.
April 22, 2016
By H. Sterling Burnett, Walter Cunningham, Jay Lehr, Bette Grande, Isaac Orr, Tom Harris, Kenneth Haapala
President Barack Obama plans to sign the controversial Paris climate agreement today, Earth Day. The nonbinding agreement was drawn up and approved by 196 countries at the U.N.
March 16, 2016
By Jay Lehr, H. Sterling Burnett, Isaac Orr, Walter Starck, Kenneth Haapala
The Obama administration yesterday changed course and withdrew its plan to allow drilling for oil and natural gas off the southeast Atlantic coast through 2022.
March 11, 2016
By Jay Lehr, H. Sterling Burnett
Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin (D) this week signed into a law a measure requiring labels on all genetically modified foods produced or sold within the state. The law goes into effect July 1. Meanwhile, U.S. Sen.
February 9, 2016
By Jesse Hathaway, Bette Grande, Marita Noon, Michael Hamilton, Lennie Jarratt
President Barack Obama yesterday submitted his proposed Fiscal Year 2017 federal budget, the last of his presidency. The $4 trillion plan includes a $10-per-barrel tax on oil; $1.
February 5, 2016
By Jay Lehr, Tim Benson, H. Sterling Burnett, Isaac Orr, Marita Noon, James H. Rust, Paul Crovo
President Barack Obama has proposed a tax of $10 on every barrel of oil as part of his 2017 budget. The proceeds, says the White House, will go toward transportation projects and to fund the president’s climate change programs.
January 27, 2016
By David L. Applegate, Jay Lehr, H. Sterling Burnett, Walter Cunningham, Marita Noon, S. Fred Singer
A group of 27 states and state agencies – as well as the Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Manufacturers, and a dozen other groups and associations – is petitioning the U.S.
January 13, 2016
By Peter Ferrara, Lennie Jarratt, Gary MacDougal, Isaac Orr, David L. Applegate, Bette Grande, Jane M. Orient, M.D., Christopher Garbacz, James H. Rust, Kenneth Haapala, Marc Morano, Jeff Stier, Mischa Popoff, Clifford Thies
President Barack Obama on Tuesday night delivered his final State of the Union Address, touching on climate change, energy policy, education, health care, the economy, and his legacy after nearly two terms in the White House.
November 30, 2015
By Jim Lakely
Today, on the first day of the United Nations’ twenty-first conference of the parties COP-21 taking place in Paris, a new book emphatically rejects claims of a “scientific consensus” on the causes and consequences of climate change.
November 30, 2015
By Robert M. Carter (1942-2016), Craig Idso, S. Fred Singer
The authors are three prominent climate scientists affiliated with the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC). The book is titled ‘Why Scientists Disagree about Global Warming: The NIPCC Report on Consensus.’
October 16, 2014
Media’s Smear of Global Warming Skeptics Traces Back to ‘Paper-Thin’ Evidence Peddled by Al Gore, Ross Gelbspan
June 20, 2011
By Jim Lakely
The United States Supreme Court ruled today against six states that sought standing to sue sources of greenhouse gas emissions for their contributions to global warming under federal common law. The court ruled 8–0 in American Electric Power Co. v.