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Climate Change Energy Environment
August 4, 2022
By Tim Benson, Anthony Watts
Only 5 Of 128 Stations Were Found To Be Acceptably Sited
August 4, 2022
By Linnea Lueken
Although it may make sense to get as much use out of timber scraps and garbage as possible, growing trees with the intent of using them strictly for densified biomass fuel does not make sense over the short- or long-term.
July 22, 2022
By Linnea Lueken
Accounting for its effects on fuel economy, air quality, and food prices, biofuels likely produce net harms on balance.
June 16, 2022
By Linnea Lueken
“President Joe Biden has implemented policies that make it more difficult to develop and ship natural gas, including LNG.”
May 30, 2022
By Tim Benson
Safety Incidents Down 17 Percent Since 2017
May 25, 2022
By Linnea Lueken
“Horizontal drilling combined with fracking-improved production allowed U.S. producers to access large, untapped deposits of shale gas reserves and other unconventional formations that had previously been too difficult to access.”
May 17, 2022
By Tim Benson
Nearly Half Of Species Studied Saw Significant Population Declines
May 9, 2022
By Tim Benson
All Vehicle Sales In Commonwealth Must Be "Zero-Emission" By 2035
March 18, 2022
By Tim Benson
Shutdown Would Also Result In Over 33,000 Lost Jobs, $8 Billion In Lost GSP, $20 Billion In Lost Economic Activity, And $265 Million In Lost Tax Revenue
March 3, 2022
By James Taylor
President Biden could pressure Democrats to stand up to environmental extremists who have blocked the construction of pipelines that could deliver more American oil and natural gas to Russia-dependent American markets.
February 25, 2022
By Tim Benson
Taxes On Utahans Could Increase By $381 Million By 2026
February 11, 2022
By Tim Benson
Costs Would Be Sizeable, Environmental Benefits Modest Or Negative
February 8, 2022
By Tim Benson
Testimony Before the Hawaii House Committee on Energy & Environmental Protection Regarding HB 2278
February 8, 2022
By Linnea Lueken, James Taylor
The average U.S. household in 2021 spent an extra $600 in higher gasoline costs and $70 in higher electricity costs due to the Biden administration's energy policies.
February 6, 2022
By Tim Benson
Regressive Gasoline Tax Would Top Out At $33.16 Per Barrel In 2035
January 13, 2022
By Tim Benson
Legislation Would Protect Legislative Authority, Ensure Debate On Cap-And-Trade Programs
November 29, 2021
By Kristian S. Blickle, Sarah N. Hamerling, and Donald P. Morgan
Weather disasters have a small and declining effect on bank operations and financial success.
November 23, 2021
By Tim Benson
Tax Would Begin At $55 Per Ton In 2022, Increase By 5 Percent Annually Through 2025, Between 2 Percent And 10 Percent Annually From 2026 To 2051
November 11, 2021
By Donna Laframboise
For his efforts to expose the truth about what his research shows about climate change, Roger Pielke Jr has discovered that academic freedom is an empty slogan at the University of Colorado, Boulder, as his department is now determinedly harassing him.
November 3, 2021
By Angela Logomasini
Although ocean pollution is a problem, federal, state, and local bans on plastics of various type won't solve the problem and will create worse environmental results.

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