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Climate Change Energy Environment
November 8, 2018
By Tim Benson
Residential Consumers Saved $7.2 Billion, Commercial And industrial Consumers Saved $52 billion
November 2, 2018
By Angela C. Erickson
The production tax credit for wind energy benefits a few wealthy, politically connected, corporations who received 75 percent of the $19 billion in tax credits between 2007 and 2016.
November 1, 2018
By Tim Benson
Ballot Initiative Would Designate 85 Percent Of Non-Federal Land Unavailable For Development, Would Act As De Facto Ban On Fracking
October 31, 2018
By James Taylor, Jay Lehr, Peter Ferrara
'The scientific evidence gets stronger every day that global warming alarmism is a failed theory. To the extent EPA has chosen to implement greenhouse gas regulations, the ACE rule is far superior to the Clean Power Plan.'
October 31, 2018
By Tim Benson
Expanded Mandate Could Cost $38 Billion In GSP Through 2060
October 31, 2018
By Capital Alpha Partners
An analysis of a range of 6 carbon tax scenarios finds every one of them would reduce economic growth, impede infrastructure development, and limit the government's ability to meet fiscal obligations and operations.
October 30, 2018
By Tim Benson
Expanded Renewable Energy Mandate Would Cost Nevada Billions
October 26, 2018
By Tim Benson
Tax Would Start At $15 Per Ton, Rise By $2-Plus Inflation Per Ton Each Year
October 26, 2018
By Sam Kazman
The Trump administration's Safer Affordable Fuel Efficiency standards will save consumer's money, benefit the economy, and save lives.
October 24, 2018
By Tim Benson
Over $12 Billion In Savings To Centennial State Residents & Businesses From 2006 To 2016