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The Need to Transform Schools

Education has been a high priority for Americans since the first settlers arrived here. The Founding Fathers thought a free society would be impossible without an educated population. Thomas Jefferson, our third president, said: “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

Today about nine of every 10 students attend schools that are owned, operated, and staffed by government employees. About 70 percent of the teachers in those schools belong to unions, working under workplace rules that frustrate the best and brightest while protecting incompetent and even dangerous teachers.

Curriculum has been debased by teachers, administrators, and politicians mandating one-size-fits-all standards in order to avoid being held responsible for falling student achievement. Alarming evidence is emerging that the problems affecting public schools are spreading to private schools as they increasingly adopt the curricula and tests used in the public sector.

There is widespread concern that public schools in the United States are delivering too few graduates with the reading, writing, knowledge, and workplace skills necessary to meet the challenges of a global economy in the twenty-first century.

How to Transform K–12 Education

The Heartland Institute focuses on reform ideas that can transform rather than merely reform K–12 schools. Three specific reforms we support are repealing and replacing Common Core State Standards, expanding education choice, and repealing bigoted Blaine Amendments.


Title: Biden’s Student Loan Payoff, Farewell to Fauci - In the Tank LIVE, ep360
Description: The Heartland Institute's Donald Kendal, Jim Lakely, and Chris Talgo present episode 360 of the In The Tank Podcast. President Biden announced on Wednesday a massive round of student loan forgiveness. Is this fair? Will it exacerbate inflation? Also, Fauci is retiring. And to commemorate this momentous occasion, we collected some of Fauci’s greatest hits. The ITT crew talks about this and more on episode 360 of the In The Tank Podcast. PRIMARY TOPIC - STUDENT LOAN FORGIVENESS Fox News - Joe Biden expected to announce $10,000 student loan forgiveness program Wednesday: report The Federalist - Studies Show Biden’s Illegal Student Debt Scheme Is Welfare For The Rich Forbes - Student Loan Forgiveness: Why The Supreme Court Could Reject Biden Bloomberg - Larry Summers Says Student Loan Debt Relief Is Inflationary Newsweek - As Democrats Push Student Loan Forgiveness, Republican Senator Proposes Colleges Pick Up Part of the Tab SECONDARY TOPIC - FAREWELL TO FAUCI Yahoo - Fauci's biggest critics hint at the reason for his December retirement: 'trying to get out of Dodge' "The Fauci Effect" "attacks on me are, quite frankly, attacks on science" NYP - Fauci’s home office features photos of himself, his own bobblehead

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