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Opinion/Editorial Energy
January 19, 2021
By David Wojick
Nationwide we are spending untold billions of dollars on huge batteries, trying to keep the erratic nature of renewables from crashing the electric power system
January 15, 2021
By Duggan Flanakin
The Big Switch will cost trillions and massively change America – not for the better
January 13, 2021
By Paul Driessen
Your life, living standards, country and planet will take a big hit under the Green New Deal
January 11, 2021
By Ronald Stein, P.E.
The enormous amounts of money being allocated for solar and wind -- and the never-ending extensions of the tax credits for them
January 11, 2021
By David Wojick
China now generates a whopping 7,500 GWh of electricity, just under twice what America does
December 30, 2020
By David Wojick
New York City will soon be home to the world’s biggest utility-scale battery system, designed to back up its growing reliance on intermittent renewables.
December 29, 2020
By David Wojick
America is not moving toward wind and solar for power generation; we are actually moving away from renewables. You would never know this listening to the press and the politicians.
December 28, 2020
By Heartland Staff
China knows the world will need oil, natural gas and coal for decades to come. It sees “green” as the color of money and is happy to extend credit under terms very favorable to China.
December 21, 2020
By Duggan Flanakin
Experts agree the tide has turned in nuclear power’s favor, but obstacles remain
December 17, 2020
By H. Sterling Burnett, Christopher Monckton of Brenchley
Climate Change Weekly #382