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If You’re Taking Flak, You’re Over the Target

The Heartland Institute is the only nonprofit organization in the country that is standing up for consumers and working to prevent the premature closure of affordable, coal-powered electricity plants in key states across the country.

Heartland Research Fellow Isaac Orr and Senior Fellow Fred Palmer have authored four, thoroughly researched Policy Studies that make the case why dozens of affordable coal plants should not be shuttered by Obama-era regulations. We are taking these Policy Studies directly to state legislators and utility regulators to inform them of the facts, and we know it is making a difference … because none other than the mighty Sierra Club is in a panic.

The Sierra Club, which spends at least $100 million each year to spread its radical environmental message, just emailed an “emergency” request asking its three million members to fight The Heartland Institute. That’s right. The Sierra Club counts Heartland among the “powerful forces” that are “united” to “stop progress” – by which they mean prematurely taking coal-powered plants off the grid, and replacing them with much more expensive and unreliable “green” energy like solar and wind.

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Heartland’s message is simple: Obama is no longer president, his War on Coal is over, and the Clean Power Plan is a dead. State policymakers and energy executives must stop operating as if radical environmentalists in Washington are still directing America’s energy policy. Continuing down that path will unnecessarily spike everyone’s energy bills, hurting most the poor and the elderly. “Beautiful Clean Coal,” as President Trump accurately calls it, is essential to preserving America’s Energy Freedom. And the days of shutting down plants in the service of a dead ideology must finally end.

Heartland’s efforts on this front – done on a shoestring budget – are proving so effective that it forces the Sierra Club to confront us. As the saying goes: “If you’re taking flak, you’re over the target.” [To learn more about our Energy Freedom project, including information about our Energy Freedom Score Card and video from our America First Energy Conference, click here.]

Now we need your help more than ever. The Sierra Club has its “Billionaires Club” – George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and Paul Steyer. But on our side – do we have you?  We have the science, we have the truth, and we need your support today.

Sensible, affordable energy policy doesn’t just “happen,” and it has powerful ideological left-wing opponents like the Sierra Club – whose goal is nothing less than shutting down every coal-power plant in America as quickly as possible. That would be a disaster for our economy, and especially your family’s budget. It really is that simple.

Help us take on the Sierra Club and fight for America’s Energy Freedom by making a contribution to The Heartland Institute now. Thank you for your consideration.




Jim Lakely
Director of Communications
The Heartland Institute