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Mental Health Awareness Month

In recognition of May 2017 as National Mental Health Awareness Month, and of the 1 in 5 Americans who experience mental illness in a given year, The Heartland Institute is pleased to gather up-to-the-minute writings by Heartland research fellows, policy advisors, editors, and reporters touching the subject of mental health care.

Heartland covers mental health care from two angles, with patients at the center. The first promotes innovation in reaching, treating, and improving the quality of care for mentally ill Americans. The second identifies solutions to public policies obstructing innovation and delivery of mental health services.

Mentally ill patients and their families ought not, and cannot afford, to languish in a tug-of-war between innovation and public policy. We offer these resources as arguments and evidence the surest path to a free mind is a free market.

– Michael Hamilton (, research fellow and managing editor, Health Care News 

Mental Health News, Research, and Commentary by The Heartland Institute

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