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Keystone XL Pipeline Means JobsOn February 5, 2014, the Federal Register published a Notice that invited members of the public to comment on whether the Obama Administration should finally approve expansion of the Keystone XL Pipeline. This is your chance to cast a vote in favor of U.S. energy security, jobs, and affordable energy.

The 30-day public comment period will close on March 7, 2014.

There are two ways to submit comments: Online at or by mail sent to:

U.S. Department of State
Bureau of Energy Resources, Room 4843
Attn: Keystone XL Public Comments
2201 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20520

Comments are not private and will be made public.

Read the Executive Summary of the Jan. 31, 2014 State Department report on the Keystone XL pipline that stated the project will have little negative environmental impact. Also read reaction to that report from Heartland Institute energy and environment experts.

Background on Keystone XL

The Heartland Institute has published extensive research and commentary on why building the Keystone XL Pipeline would be good for American consumers and workers. Some of our work includes the following:

February 5, 2014
Build the Keystone Pipeline, Already!
The Keystone XL pipeline was AWOL from Obama’s State of the Union address — along with real energy, job, economic, and revenue solutions.

February 1, 2014
State Dept: No Environmental Objection to Keystone XL Pipeline
The State Department concludes that since the oil which the pipeline would transport will be produced in any case and transported in any case, the pipeline will have no impact on carbon emissions or climate change. 

January 10, 2014
The Very Green Keystone Pipeline Delay
On December 29, 2013, the Sierra Club was celebrating the shutdown of the 150th coal-fired plant that provided electricity. That’s nothing to celebrate.

August 26, 2013
Keystone XL: Not Just a Pipeline, a Life-line
The case for the Keystone XL pipeline is straight forward. Jobs will be created.

June 7, 2013
Heartland’s James M. Taylor on the Lars Larson Show talking Keystone XL
“They want to see this country being a nation that does not have affordable energy, that is getting away from carbon-based energy sources regardless of whether there is environmental impact or not.”

April 19, 2013
Keystone XL Opponents Hypocritically Talk Property Rights
Opponents of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline are increasingly trumpeting private property rights as a reason people should oppose the pipeline.  

March 14, 2013
Nebraska Gov. Heineman Announces New Support for Keystone XL
Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman, whose opposition to the original Keystone XL pipeline proposal emboldened federal opposition to the plan, announced he now supports the proposal. 

March 5, 2013
State Department Says Keystone XL Will Have Little Environmental Impact
The proposed Keystone XL pipeline is “unlikely to have a substantial impact” on global climate, the U.S. Department of State concluded in a 2,000-page draft review issued March 1.

March 5, 2013
Keystone Pipeline: Housecats Have Greater Emissions Impact
The Keystone XL pipeline battle has always been about the ideology of Climatism, the belief that man-made greenhouse gases are destroying Earth’s climate.

February 14, 2013
Rockefellers behind ‘scruffy little outfit’
Nothing influences President Barack Obama’s decision on the Keystone XL pipeline quite like the protests against it, led by Bill McKibben, an American environmentalist, and his organization, called 

January 23, 2013
Michael Whatley: Keystone XL Pipeline
Michael Whatley of the Consumer Energy Alliance talks with Ben Domenech about the Keystone XL pipeline and what to expect from the Obama administration on energy policy.

June 4, 2012
Nebraska Passes Legislation to Move Keystone XL Pipeline Forward
Nebraska’s unicameral legislature has passed a bill designed to keep alive the possible approval of the Keystone XL pipeline previously rejected by President Obama. In a bipartisan 44-5 vote, lawmakers endorsed legislation that will provide a mechanism for the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) to continue the Keystone evaluation independently and collaborate with the federal government on other pipeline projects. Gov. Dave Heineman (R) signed the bill into law.

May 31, 2012
Ten Actions Congress Can Take to Lower Gas Prices
President Obama and his Administration have consistently applied practices that block oil production on federal lands, denying access to energy sources and economic activity. Nevertheless, success stories on non-federal lands demonstrate the power of the free market to apply human ingenuity to natural resources and create economic growth and jobs while protecting the environment.

March 28, 2012
EPA Triples Down on “None of the Above”
Anti-energy crusaders are in a celebratory mood this week as the EPA effectively banned the construction of coal-fired power plants, and thus completed the federal government’s trifecta beat-down on affordable energy.

January 20, 2012
The Map Doesn’t Lie: Keystone XL Pipeline Is Environmentally Safe
President Obama had more than enough information to make the right decision, but – sadly and all too predictably – he choose to appease the environmental fringe once more. 

January 18, 2012
Map Shows Keystone XL Pipeline Would Be One of Many Over Aquifer
Note the extensive network of existing pipelines in the area deemed too “risky” for the Keystone XL pipeline (the colored lines; the Keystone XL is in dark blue).

Heartland Daily Podcasts on Keystone XL

James Taylor: Keystone Pipeline Developments

Michael Whatley: Keystone XL Pipeline

James Taylor: Keystone XL Pipeline was a win-win Proposition

Alan Caruba: Keystone XL pipeline

Map of the Keystone XL

Below is a map showing how the Keystone XL pipline (in dark blue) would be but one strand in a massive of a spider web of pipelines in the Midwest.

Path of Keystone XL Pipeline