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Posted: Feb 26, 2018
Operating as an independent contractor, a managing editor and research fellow at The Heartland Institute provides a steady output of unbiased news on public policy issues to an audience of highly influential individuals.
To apply: Please send your resume and related materials to
  • The Position

    Operating as an independent contractor, a managing editor and research fellow at The Heartland Institute provides a steady output of unbiased news on public policy issues to an audience of highly influential individuals, including every state and national lawmaker in the nation, in particular through production of a monthly newspaper reporting on breaking public policy news stories. A Heartland managing editor and research fellow serves the organization’s mission to discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems by functioning as a source of sound information on public policy issues for legislators, media, policy organizations, citizens’ groups, scholars, and other interested parties. It is a dynamic, fast-moving, and exciting position from which to make a real difference in public policy across the nation.

  • Background


    (a) Function as an intense gatherer of information in subject area, identifying new or nascent trends as they arise. Participate in Heartland’s weekly staff conference calls, giving direction to media relations and government relations staff on topic areas in which to conduct activities during the coming week; (ii) Solicit or write, edit, and post, each weekday, two new feature items (news stories, op-ed commentaries, analyses, short blog-style items, etc.) on Heartland Institute website at, along with related images, following process outline and article specifications provided by Director of Publications; five of these articles each week (one per weekday) should be produced specifically for use in Heartland newspaper and submitted to Publications Director for editorial approval; (iii) Record a topic-related podcast each week;

    (b) Deliver to Publications Director, on deadline, a layout and a highlights document for each issue of monthly newspaper, to constitute 20 pages total per issue. Adhere to article length guidelines and other process instructions given by Publications Director. Assign news stories throughout the month and post them on Heartland website, reposting edited versions after editing and approval by Publications Director. While working on articles for posting to the website throughout the month, maintain and update layout for the next newspaper issue, trimming articles to length before posting or sending the shortened versions to Publications Director as Word files for use in the PDF/printed newspaper version. Indicate in the layout the website URL of the document. Maintain and regularly update a list of topic areas for regular coverage in the publication with approval of Publications Director. No more than 20 percent of the articles in each issue shall be written by a single author, including the managing editor. No individual will be quoted as an expert or witness in more than three stories per issue;

    (c) Write and submit at least one newspaper or online op-ed per week, and develop and produce a weekly column for print or the web or five (5) letters to the editor for newspapers per week; write blog posts and other items for Heartland blog and other sources on own initiative and upon request; document all published items not routed through Publications and Communications departments and include in monthly activity report;

    (d) Develop, write, and submit for publishing an email newsletter on deadline each week;

    (e) Compose, on deadline and in correct format and style, a quarterly report on accomplishments in the issue area, for QPR Newsletter;

    (f) Initiate and respond promptly to requests for interviews with reporters, talk radio show hosts, elected officials, and civic and business leaders; and

    (g) Seek out opportunities to speak, and be available to speak, at public events.

    (h) Maintain and continuously improve a list of contributing editors, writers, and quotable sources on the subject of the publication, e.g., policy advisors, legislators, academic experts, researchers, media contacts, and private-sector donors and potential donors;

    (i) Add at least two Policy Advisors per month to the organization’s roster; include in monthly activity report a list of advisors added that month;

    (j) Find and post at least five (5) new documents (research or commentary) on PolicyBot each week in PDF format with appropriate URL format. These include documents that would be connected to articles in a “for more information” box in newspaper stories; documents found online or released; documents as requested by others to post (e.g., president, Director of Publications, communications director);

    (k) Author, coauthor, or provide research or editing of research and commentaries, policy studies, policy briefs, books, and other materials upon request;

    (l) Contact organizations and individuals to redistribute email version of newspaper and generate more digital subscriptions;

    (m) Perform additional writing, editorial, or research duties in subject area, upon assignment by Publications Director; and

    (n) Report weekly (by close of business Thursday) to Publications Director the following: number of articles posted to website; number of newspaper articles posted to website pending publication in print edition; number of podcasts submitted; number of op-eds written and submitted for editing and distribution; number of policy advisors added or solicited; number of documents posted to PolicyBot; number of radio interviews and other media appearances; and any additional output of note.



    Consultant shall report activities and outputs as described below. Except for the weekly outreach plan described in (i), activities and outputs shall be reported on the monthly invoice Consultant submits (see Paragraph 5(vii) below).

    (i) A weekly outreach plan prepared for each Monday conference call;

    (ii) Report all submission of letters to the editor, op-eds, and interviews on the online reporting system;

    (iii) Review hits and notify Communications department of any missing hits;

    (iv) Report all Legislator contacts on the online reporting system;

    (v) Report “policy victories” each month to be included in the Monthly Reports, Quarterly Performance Reports, Board Reports, etc.;

    (vi) Report all efforts made and success in generating new newspaper subscriptions each month, to be included in the Monthly Reports, Quarterly Performance Reports, Board Reports, etc.;

    (vii) Document all published items not routed through Publications and Communications departments and report all to Director of Publications at end of each month;

    (viii) Report policy advisor invitations made and acceptances received;

    (ix) Make monthly report to Events Manager of speaking engagements, including date, location, sponsoring organization, attendance, and title of presentation.

  • Salary & Benefits

    (i) Heartland shall pay Consultant a monthly stipend by check payable to Consultant or direct deposit to a bank account specified by Consultant.

    (ii) Consultant shall identify, and Heartland will pay, any authors Consultant determines should be paid for contributions to and the resulting newspaper issue. Consultant has a budget of $600/month for such payments; payments in excess of that budget should be cleared with the Publications Director before promised to contributing authors. Unspent amounts from one month do not roll over into later months. Consultant shall provide Heartland with the name, address, and Social Security number of any such authors, and shall approve any invoices such authors submit to Heartland.

    (iii) Heartland shall reimburse only those expenses incurred by Consultant specifically at Heartland’s request.

    (iv) In the event Heartland schedules a speaking engagement and the host offers to pay an honorarium for Consultant’s appearance, said honorarium shall be payable to Heartland and shall be split evenly between Heartland and Consultant.

    (v) Heartland shall reimburse travel, meals, and lodging expenses incurred by Consultant for speaking engagements and events Consultant attends at Heartland’s request, provided reimbursement is not made by the event host.

    (vi) Heartland shall not pay Consultant for letters to the editor, op-eds, etc., but shall forward to Consultant any payments that might be made to Heartland by newspapers or other publications that publish those works.

    (vii) To obtain remuneration, Consultant shall submit, within 7 days of the end of the month, a dated and numbered invoice in a format approved by Heartland for that purpose. Heartland shall remit payment within 7 (seven) days of receiving Consultant’s invoice.

    (viii) At the end of each calendar year for which this agreement is in effect, Heartland shall issue to Consultant a Form 1099 for the total amount of fees received during the year. Consultant is responsible for the payment of all federal and state taxes incurred by the receipt of income from Heartland.

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Join a full-time staff of 35 dedicated men and women discovering, developing, and promoting free-market solutions to social and economic problems!

Please read our Reply to Critics for the truth about our funding, tactics, and positions on controversial issues.

This position requires adherence to The Heartland Institute's Quality Standards for Heartland Publications.

We actively recruit graduates of colleges and universities that receive a grade of “A” from the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA).


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