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Project Manager - Center on Climate and Environmental Policy

Posted: Aug 20, 2017
The Heartland Institute’s Project Manager – Center on Climate and Environmental Policy advances the goals and objectives of The Heartland Institute’s Marketing Department specifically as they relate to the topics of climate science/global warming
To apply: Please send your resume and related materials to
  • The Position

    The Heartland Institute’s Project Manager – Center on Climate and Environmental Policy advances the goals and objectives of The Heartland Institute’s Marketing Department specifically as they relate to the topics of climate science/global warming, hydraulic fracturing and other energy issues, and other environment topics.

    The principal activities are the following:

    # Understand and be able to effectively communicate to key audiences The Heartland Institute’s positions on environmental issues, in particular our opposition to alarmist claims that climate change is man-made and dangerous.

    # Understand and be able to use Heartland’s current databases of reporters, civic and business leaders, educators, allies, and supporters relevant to this topic and take responsibility forimproving and expanding those databases.

    # Contact reporters, civic and business leaders, educators, allies, and supporters via phone, email, letters, or face-to-face meetings on a daily basis, and keep track of such contacts for
    reporting purposes. Aim for no fewer than 30 reportable contacts each week.

    # Distribute Heartland’s extensive literature on the subject. Aim for no fewer than 1,000 publications/week or 4,000/month.

    # Maintain, improve, and effectively market Heartland’s websites and web pages on environment and climate change including the environment issue suite,, and other pages.

    # Collect expert comments for news releases approximately twice monthly.

    # Use social media, including Twitter and Facebook, to promote Heartland spokespersons and publications.

    # Organize at least one event per month, in Heartland’s public meeting space or elsewhere, with an average attendance of 50 people.

    # Produce monthly and quarterly performance reports describing own activities and those of other staff, managing editors, research fellows, and others on global warming and other energy and environment topics.

  • Background

    The Heartland Institute focuses on sound science and economics in the debate over environmental protection and regulation. We are “the world’s most prominent promoters of skepticism of man-made climate change” (The Economist). We also address a wide range of other topics including school reform, health care, entitlements, and energy policy.

    Our research and marketing team is helping to oppose global warming alarmism and promote sound science and common sense on other environment and energy topics by producing the following programs:

    # Original research: The Heartland Institute produces books, policy studies, policy briefs, booklets, op-eds, feature stories, and news releases on budget and tax policies.

    # Environment & Climate News, published 10 times a year by The Heartland Institute, is the national outreach publication of the free-market environmentalism movement. It reaches more state elected officials, more often, than any other publication on this topic. Environment & Climate News is user-friendly and market-tested.

    # Government relations: We made more than one million contacts with elected officials in 2015, and 23,749 of those contacts were one-on-one in person, by phone, or by one-to-one emails. These are virtually all educational contacts – we do not lobby. Our government relations staff calls legislators to ask if they need information, are aware of exciting new developments in other states, and if we can help find and send the “best available research” on issues they are coping with.

    # Media Relations: We send out a constant stream of op-eds, news releases, letters to the editor, podcasts, and much more. In 2015, we contacted journalists more than 5.3 million times and appeared in print, online, on television, or on radio 4,374 times.

    # Online: We are leaders in online communication, generating almost 3.4 million page views on our 18 websites and blogs in 2015. Our Facebook page registered more than 98,000 fans and more than 13.6 million impressions in 2015.

    # Credibility and Influence: Our 32 years in public policy, solid research and materials, and repeated communications with state legislators have made Heartland a credible, independent, “go-to” source for thousands of elected officials and other opinion leaders. A telephone survey of 497 randomly selected state and local elected officials conducted in 2014 by Victory Enterprises found 74% of the state elected officials surveyed read one or more Heartland newspapers “sometimes” or “always”; 66% consider one or more Heartland publications a useful source of information.”

    # Bipartisan: Seventy-two percent of Democratic state legislators read one or more Heartland newspapers “sometimes” or “always,” 62% said they found Heartland a “useful source of information,” and 30% reported a Heartland publication “changed my opinion or led to a change in public policy.”

    # Resources: In 2016, Heartland expects to raise and spend approximately $1.1 million on budget and tax issues. Contributions to The Heartland Institute are tax-deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • Required Skills

    Qualified candidates will have the following skills and background:

    # Strong familiarity with the free-market environmentalism as well as libertarian and conservative thought and theory. Begin by reading Eco-Sanity: A Common Sense Guide to Environmentalism by Joseph Bast et al., and the summaries for policymakers for the various volumes in the Climate Change Reconsidered series. Be a passionate advocate for Heartland’s initiatives in this arena.

    # Mastery of word processing, broadcast email, and web design programs.

    # History of involvement in the conservative or libertarian public policy arena.

General Careers Information 

Join a full-time staff of 35 dedicated men and women discovering, developing, and promoting free-market solutions to social and economic problems!

Please read our Reply to Critics for the truth about our funding, tactics, and positions on controversial issues.

This position requires adherence to The Heartland Institute's Quality Standards for Heartland Publications.

We actively recruit graduates of colleges and universities that receive a grade of “A” from the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA).


For questions about applying for this opening, please contact 

2016 By the Numbers

See what sets Heartland apart:
82% of state elected officials read Heartland publications
of state elected officials read one or more Heartland newspapers "sometimes" or "always."
45% of elected officials say Heartland led to a change in policy
of state elected officials say a Heartland publication influenced their opinions or led to a change in public policy.
“The Heartland Institute [is] the world’s most prominent thinktank supporting skepticism about man-made climate change.”
The Economist
May 26, 2012
1.3 Million
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that Heartland hosted, attended, or spoke at, reaching 13,474 guests
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