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Internship in Editorial

Internship Period/Type

This internship will run for 10 weeks. Interns are required to work 20 hours each week and will be paid $150 per week.


The intern will report to The Heartland Institute’s executive editor.


The internship will involve a wide variety of editorial-related responsibilities, including policy research, proofreading, formatting publications for print, formatting publications for Web-posting and broadcast-emailing, and editing and preparation of newspaper articles for graphic designers.

  • Proofread letters to the editor, opeds, and Research & Commentaries.
  • Proofread, assign MS Word styles to newspaper articles for graphics department, copyedit final layout.
  • Assist with research for one or more books, Policy Briefs, and other publications.
  • Format and initially proofread books and Policy Briefs.
  • Process Consumer Power Report, Climate Change Weekly, and School Choice Weekly enewsletters– proofread/edit, assign HTML styles, send to broadcast email provider and post on website.
  • Assist with document “cleanup” on PolicyBot research database.

Expected Skills

The intern is expected to have:

  • Interest in public policy issues and free-market thought.
  • Significant experience and fluency with Word Perfect or Microsoft Word.
  • Familiarity and experience with HTML.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, combined with a professional demeanor.
  • Excellent English language skills – spelling and grammar – and attention to detail.


Email your resume, cover letter, and three writing samples to Latreece Reed at

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