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Are you a conservative or libertarian considering a career in the free-market movement? Do you want to spend 10 weeks working side-by-side with others who share your interests, learning new skills and making contacts that can launch your career? Then being an intern at The Heartland Institute is the right choice for you.

Internships typically run for 10 weeks. Interns typically work 20 hours each week and are paid $150 per week. These terms are flexible – ask if a different term or number of hours would work best for you.

Interns are expected to have:ƒ

  • Knowledge of public policy issues and free-market thought.ƒ 
  • Significant experience and fluency with Word Perfect or Word for Windows.ƒ 
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.ƒ 
  • A professional demeanor, attention to detail, and an ability to make reasoned judgments.ƒ 
  • Experience with conducting research on the Web, using social media, and HTML mark-up.

To apply for any of the internships below, email your resume, cover letter, and three writing samples to Wanda Davis at

Communications Department

The internship will involve a wide variety of Public Relations responsibilities, including print and broadcast media relations; event marketing and promotion; “new media” and social networking; and speaking engagement scheduling. Among the specific tasks that will be assigned to the intern during this period:

  • Daily interaction/promotion using Heartland’s Facebook and Twitter accounts; finding compelling topics “in the news” that Heartland can share with others who embrace freemarkets and liberty; creating image memes to promote Heartland principles, stories, and activities; commenting on the posts of allies and friends.
  • Blog and Heartland digital magazine updates: Proficiency with back-end WordPress management a plus. Find and re-post on the blog and Heartlander work by Heartland staffers, fellows, and policy advisors that has been published elsewhere.
  • Podcast production: Assist the deputy communications director with production and promotion of the Heartland Daily Podcast.
  • Original content blog posting: Write a blog post once a week on a topic approved by director of communications. Also write at least two blog posts about a Heartland Daily Podcast and embed the audio on the blog.

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Development Department

The internship will involve a wide variety of fundraising-related responsibilities, including donor and prospect mailings, emails, or phone calls; data entry; printing; responding to emails and phone calls; and research. 

  • Respond to emails and place follow-up phone calls.
  • Assist the development staff with entering data into ACT donor database.
  • Proofread letters to donors, prospects, and allies.
  • Format and initially proofread emails and letters.
  • Research new, current, and potential donors (corporation, individual, foundation).
  • Assist the development staff in planning donor events and other activities (anniversary benefit dinner, planned giving seminars, etc.)

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Editorial Department

The internship will involve a wide variety of editorial-related responsibilities, including policy research, proofreading, formatting publications for print, formatting publications for Web-posting and broadcast-emailing, and editing and preparation of newspaper articles for graphic designers. 

  • Proofread letters to the editor, opeds, and Research & Commentaries.ƒ
  • Proofread, assign MS Word styles to newspaper articles for graphics departmentƒ, copyedit final layout.
  • Assist with research for one or more books, Policy Briefs, and other publications.
  • Format and initially proofread books and Policy Briefs.
  • Process Consumer Power Report, Climate Change Weekly, and School Choice Weekly enewsletters – proofread/edit, assign HTML styles, send to broadcast email provider and post on website.
  • Assist with document “cleanup” on PolicyBot research database.

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Government Relations Department

The internship will involve a wide variety of Government Relations responsibilities, including research on policy issues; outreach to elected officials; database development; and event marketing and promotion. Among the specific tasks that will be assigned to the intern during this period:

  • Research on policy issues. This will require conducting research on issues within Heartland’s policy focus (budget and tax, telecom, school reform, health care, energy and environment, and finance); assisting legislative specialists in drafting Research & Commentaries, letters to the editor, and opinion-editorials.
  • Outreach to elected officials. This requires alerting – through phone calls and emails –elected officials of Heartland’s policy work. Inters will also assist the government relations team in recruiting legislators to join the Legislative Forum through a direct mail campaign.
  • Assist with the promotion Heartland events. Assist the government relations team in determining appropriate venues and topics for policy events to be held throughout the country; draft announcements and invitations for allies; work with government relations director and Art Department to develop event invitation; and promote events to state and/or local elected officials and their staff.
  • Administrative: Heartland tracks the performance of its government relations efforts closely. The intern will be expected to perform some data entry tasks (database updates on addresses/phone numbers for elected officials and assembling educational and promotional materials to be sent by the Government Relations Department each week.)

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Graphic Design

The internship will involve a wide variety of design assignments and projects such as Web graphics, brochures, newspapers, book covers, fliers, invitations, and ads. Interns will:

  • Create design solutions according to specified assignments.
  • Design solutions and layouts using InDesign.
  • Retouch photographs using Photoshop.
  • Prepare files for use online and for print.

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2018 By the Numbers

See what sets Heartland apart:
82% of state elected officials read Heartland publications
of state elected officials read one or more Heartland newspapers "sometimes" or "always."
45% of elected officials say Heartland led to a change in policy
of state elected officials say a Heartland publication influenced their opinions or led to a change in public policy.
3.2 Million
the number of times Heartland's six podcasts were downloaded in 2018
184 issues
of weekly e-newsletters sent to subscribers across the country
158 events
that Heartland hosted, attended, or spoke at, reaching over 34,000 guests in 2018.
100,000 fans
on Facebook posting and reposting over 1 million times a week