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Anthony Watts

Anthony Watts is a senior fellow for environment and climate at The Heartland Institute.

Watts has been in the weather business both in front of, and behind the camera as an on-air television meteorologist since 1978, and currently does daily radio forecasts. He has created  weather graphics presentation systems for television, specialized weather instrumentation, as well as co-authored peer-reviewed papers on climate issues. He operates the most viewed website in the world on climate, the award-winning website

His work on climate issues, specifically the problems with temperature measurements via his website, has been cited worldwide in books, studies and government reports. 

His views on climate are pragmatic, believing that while indeed climate has changed in the last 100 years, it isn't a crisis, and that many of the predictions and pronouncements have been oversold to the public, as evidenced by the fact that many of them have not come true since first being made.

Recent Articles and Publications

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November 8, 2022
By James Taylor, H. Sterling Burnett, Anthony Watts, Linnea Lueken
Humans are likely causing some warming, but substantial scientific disagreement exists on whether there will be significant impacts
September 27, 2022
By Jim Lakely, Anthony Watts
Feed directly from the National Weather Service WSR-88D NEXRAD network available on Heartland’s YouTube channel for free embedding
August 4, 2022
By Tim Benson, Anthony Watts
Only 5 Of 128 Stations Were Found To Be Acceptably Sited
July 27, 2022
By Anthony Watts, H. Sterling Burnett, James Taylor, Jim Lakely
Official NOAA temperature stations produce corrupted data due to purposeful placement in man-made hot spots
July 21, 2022
By H. Sterling Burnett, James Taylor, Jim Lakely, Anthony Watts, Roy Spencer
Climate Change Weekly #441
November 7, 2019
By James Taylor, Anthony Watts
Montana has warmed very little during the past century, and not at all during the past 15 years.
December 17, 2015
By Anthony Watts
Paper finds temperature trend estimates vary according to site classification, with poor siting leading to an overestimate of minimum temperature trends and an underestimate of maximum temperature trends.
March 1, 2009
By Anthony Watts
The stakes in the debate over global warming are high. If human activities are causing a major warming of the earth’s atmosphere, then actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions costing hundreds of billions of dollars would be necessary.

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