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Barry Poulson

Dr. Barry Poulson

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Barry W. Poulson is Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Colorado.

Barry W. Poulson is Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Colorado. He has been a Visiting Professor at several Universities including, Universidad Autonomo De Guadalajara, Mexico; University of North Carolina; Cambridge University; Konan University, Kobe Japan; and Universidad Carlos Tercera, Madrid, Spain. 

He is the author of numerous books and articles in the fields of economic development and economic history. His current research focuses on fiscal policies and fiscal constitutions.

He has served on the Colorado Tax Commission and as Vice Chair of the State Treasurer’s Advisory Group on Constitutional Amendments in Colorado.

Professor Poulson is Past President of the North American Economics and Finance Association. He is an Adjunct Scholar of the Heritage Foundation, and Senior Fellow of the Independence Institute.

He is an Advisor to the Task Force on Tax and Fiscal Policy of the American Legislative Exchange Council and serves as a consultant on fiscal policy and fiscal constitutions to a number of state and national think tanks. 

Recent Articles and Publications

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April 2, 2020
By John Merrifield, Barry Poulson
Just as the government adjusted to a post-World War II economy, the government must design a phase two fiscal plan for a post-coronavirus pandemic economy.
July 11, 2019
By Barry Poulson, John Merrifield
It’s time for a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution.
April 9, 2019
By Barry Poulson
Senate Bill 181 is the latest attempt by special interests to impose stringent regulations on the oil and gas industry. An earlier attempt, Initiative 97, was rejected overwhelmingly by voters.
March 11, 2019
By John Merrifield, Barry Poulson
Switzerland set the precedent for this type of policy
November 15, 2018
By Barry Poulson, John Merrifield
Gloomy forecasts are becoming ubiquitous, lending credence to the view that economics is the dismal science.
September 23, 2016
By Barry Poulson, John Merrifield
The authors propose a new fiscal rule for the United States, a deficit/debt brake, that would impose a stringent limit on government expenditures in the United States.
May 23, 2016
By Barry Poulson
A plan for balancing the federal budget

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