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Bartley J. Madden


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Bartley J. Madden retired as a managing director of Credit Suisse HOLT after a career in investment research and money management that included the founding of Callard Madden & Associates.

Madden's early research led to the development of the CFROI valuation framework that is used today by money-management firms worldwide. Madden is a Policy Advisor for The Heartland Institute. Madden’s current research focuses on knowledge building and wealth creation as opposite sides of the same coin.

Madden's latest book, Value Creation Thinking, focuses on how creating long-term value begins with clarity as to the purpose of the firm and management’s core responsibilities, and emphasizes the overriding importance of a knowledge-building culture.  Knowledge building is the topic of his book, Reconstructing Your Worldview: The Four Core Beliefs You Need to Solve Complex Business Problems

One idea concerns systems thinking and the identification of key constraints that degrade overall system performance. An application of systems thinking to public policy is reflected in Madden’s proposal to restructure the Food and Drug Administration, which is explained in his book Free To Choose Medicine: Better Drugs Sooner at Lower Cost The fundamental principles of Free To Choose Medicine have already been implemented in Japan for regenerative medicine drugs (see

Recent Articles and Publications

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April 1, 2020
By Bartley J. Madden
A 2019 article in Science sounds an alarm against moves toward liberalization of drug approval.
November 5, 2019
By Bartley J. Madden, Christina Herrin, Edward Hudgins
We would all benefit if the new commissioner gives top priority to modernizing the FDA regulatory process in order to deliver on the primary objective of better drugs, sooner, at lower cost” - Bartley Madden
July 22, 2019
By Christina Herrin, Bartley J. Madden
“Free to Choose Medicine increases patient freedom, reduces costs, and delivers potentially life-saving medication to patients with debilitating or terminal illnesses.” - Christina Herrin
March 13, 2018
By Tim Huelskamp, Ph.D., Bartley J. Madden
Expected passage in House will be next step in freeing patients to help save their own lives
September 21, 2017
By Bartley J. Madden
Free To Choose Medicine legislation has the potential to gather bipartisan support as a practical means to accelerate innovation and lower the costs of prescription drugs.

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