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David Randall

David Randall

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David Randall is Director of Research at the National Association of Scholars and a Policy Advisor to The Heartland Institute.

At the National Association of Scholars, Randall has written on topics including civics education (Making Citizens: How American Universities Teach Civics, 2017), college common readings (Beach Books, 2015-2017 editions), history education (The Disappearing Continent: A Critique of the Revised AP European History Examination, 2016; Churchill In, Columbus Still Out: A Half-Loaf from the College Board, 2017), and science (co-author, The Irreproducibility Crisis of Modern Science: Causes, Consequences, and the Road to Reform, 2018).

Randall's academic writings include Credibility in Elizabethan and Early Stuart Military News (2008), “Epistolary rhetoric, the newspaper, and the public sphere” (2008), “Ethos, poetics, and the literary public sphere” (2008), English Military News Pamphlets, 1511-1637 (ed., 2011), “The Prudential Public Sphere” (2011), “Adam Smith’s Mixed Prudence and the Economy of the Public Sphere” (2016), “The Rhetoric of Violence, the Public Sphere, and the Second Amendment” (2016), and The Concept of Conversation: From Cicero’s Sermo to the Grand Siècle’s Conversation (2018). He has written essays at First Things and Catholic Arts Today on science fiction authors (R. A. Lafferty, John Morressy, Cordwainer Smith, James Stoddard), folk music (Peter Bellamy), and television (Man in the High Castle). He has also published a young-adult fantasy series, In the Shadow of the Bear (2004-2010).

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