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David T. Stevenson

Dave Stevenson

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David T. Stevenson is the Director of the Center for Energy Competitiveness for the Caesar Rodney Institute.

Dave has spent the last six years as the Director of the Center for Energy Competitiveness for the Caesar Rodney Institute. He joined The Heartland Institute's Board of Policy Advisors in 2017.

He has published over 100 analytic studies including major studies on the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the EPA Clean Power Plan, electric grid reliability, the public policy drivers of energy cost, and climate change. He regularly appears in newspapers, radio, and TV, and is a frequent background resource to journalists. Dave has been a leader on energy and environmental policy in the State Policy Network.  He served on President Trump’s EPA Transition Team, and has become a resource for national energy and environmental issues.

Dave has developed a tool box of strategies to apply in different situations to affect change including; legislative lobbying, participation in various energy task forces and advisory councils, intervention in Public Service Commission (PSC) cases, and lawsuits.  He has built credibility to the point he is regularly consulted by legislators, regulators, the PSC staff, public utilities, and has served as a consultant for the Public Advocate, and others. 

Dave is a veteran executive of the Dupont Company where he led seven successful business expansions and start ups including pioneering work on solar photovoltaic panels and on fire resistant materials for aircraft interiors.  He holds a B.S. in Agricultural Economics from Rutgers University.  After leaving DuPont Dave started six successful businesses with four of the companies now run by family members.  Dave founded “Save the Persecuted”, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the persecution of religious minorities.

Dave is persistent as evidenced by his activities.  He has run a marathon, bicycled solo across the United States, climbed Mt. Rainier, hiked the mountainous Inca Trail in Peru, and races bicycles.  Dave’s favorite time is spent with his seven children, seventeen grand-children, and wife Kimberly.

Recent Articles and Publications

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April 21, 2020
By David T. Stevenson
The Caesar Rodney Institute (CRI) is a Delaware based non-profit, dedicated to protecting individual freedom, and free markets.
February 28, 2020
By David T. Stevenson
The Delaware Public Service Commission finally disclosed how much the state’s renewable energy mandate has increased ratepayer’s bills, 19 percent, more than double the highest estimate.

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