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Erik Root


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Erik Root teaches college courses at Lewis University and West Liberty University.

Erik Root teaches college courses at Lewis University and West Liberty University. He is also the Chair of Economic Philosophy at West Liberty University where he manages a generous grant from BB&T that aims to expose students to the value of free markets.

In his capacity as part of a team of accreditors for the American Academy for Liberal Education (AALE) Root has been involved in issues related to higher education accreditation. He is a graduate of the University of Montana where he earned his B.A. and M.A. in political science. He earned his Ph.D. in political science at the Claremont Graduate School.

His has two published books from Lexington Press focus on a critical period in American history related to slavery and emancipation: All Honor to Jefferson? and Sons of the Fathers. He has worked for the John Locke Foundation and La Jolla Institute where his writing and research interests focused on state and local government issues of transit, property taxation, property rights, eminent domain, zoning, planning, and land use development.

Root is a native of Los Angeles and grew up in Oregon.

Recent Articles and Publications

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July 7, 2013
By Erik Root
We have just celebrated this nation’s Founding, but debate abounds on the meaning of the Declaration of Independence. How significant is this document?I ask my students this question at the beginning of every class I teach on American Government.
June 26, 2013
By Erik Root
The Social Science Research Center has posted a lengthy report on what consists of good human development & well-being (read happiness) in the states.
June 19, 2013
By Erik Root
Well, well, well. It seems California is not all that interested in theenvironment after all. As this editorial in the Wall Street Journalnotes (June 18, 2013, p.
June 15, 2013
By Erik Root
There is one thing the professoriate in highereducation, generally, resist–change. In this narrow consideration, even the most “liberal” of colleges are quite conservative.

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