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Jack McPherrin

Jack works as the research editor for the Editorial Department of The Heartland Institute, where he also contributes to the mission of the Socialism Research Center as a research fellow.

Additionally, he is the managing editor of 1818 Magazine. Jack is in the final stages of completing his Master’s Degree in International Affairs from Loyola University-Chicago, where his myriad research interests primarily encompass domestic and international economic policy, global institutions, authoritarian regimes, and foreign affairs - with a particular emphasis upon Russia and China.

Prior to his graduate pursuits, Jack spent six years in the private sector after graduating from Boston College with a dual Bachelor's Degree in Economics and History. He currently resides in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, a few short miles from where he was raised.

Recent Articles and Publications

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July 14, 2022
By Justin Haskins, Christopher Talgo, Donald Kendal, Jack McPherrin, Jim Lakely
"Such a law would destroy our democracy, end the rule of law, erode our national security, and ultimately extinguish the freedoms that countless Americans have given their lives to protect, time and time again."
July 13, 2022
By Justin Haskins, Christopher Talgo, Donald Kendal, Jack McPherrin, Jim Lakely
"The Constitution has served as the bedrock for liberty in America for more than 230 years. To see these poll results, where half of Democrats want to see the Constitution ‘mostly or completely rewritten,’ is disheartening."
July 12, 2022
By Justin Haskins, Christopher Talgo, Donald Kendal, Jack McPherrin, Jim Lakely
"There is absolutely a movement afoot, principally among leftists and America’s youth, who desire to ‘reimagine’ the Supreme Court so that it will become nothing more than a rubber stamp for their radical agenda."
March 3, 2022
By Jack McPherrin
ESG scores represent a substantial and immediate danger to the competitive marketplace and individual liberties at every level of society.
January 26, 2022
By Justin Haskins, Jack McPherrin
What are ESG scores, and why are so many advocates of liberty deeply concerned about them?

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