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John Nothdurft

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John Nothdurft joined the staff of The Heartland Institute in May 2008 as Heartland's legislative specialist on budget and tax policy. He was named government relations director in November 2010.

John Nothdurft ( joined the staff of The Heartland Institute in May 2008 as Heartland's legislative specialist on budget and tax policy. He was named Government Relations Director in November 2010.

Nothdurft's responsibilities include managing the Government Relations Department staff and tracking their performance; interacting with elected officials and staff; tracking new legislation; and drafting responses to emerging issues via talking points, news releases, and op-ed pieces, with the goal of educating legislators and informing them about free-market ideas.

Nothdurft is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council’s Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force, and he has testified before multiple state legislatures on a wide range of issues. His work has been published in scores of publications, including the Chicago Tribune, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Detroit News, Chicago Sun-Times, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and Investor’s Business Daily.

Prior to joining Heartland, Nothdurft was the national press coordinator for Americans for Fair Taxation, one of the largest grassroots tax-reform organizations in the country. While working for FairTax, he managed the media relations efforts and played a central role in organizing a 25-stop Iowa bus tour leading up to the 2006 Iowa Straw Poll. This work led to National Review characterizing the organization’s impact as being the biggest success story of the 2008 Republican primary season.”

Born in Marietta, Georgia, Nothdurft graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of Mississippi.

Recent Articles and Publications

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April 10, 2018
By Tim Huelskamp, Ph.D., John Nothdurft, Peter Ferrara, Charles Katebi
“Congratulations to Gov. Walker and the Republican legislature for their leadership in passing groundbreaking welfare reforms.” - Tim Huelskamp, Ph.D.
March 8, 2018
By Charles Katebi, John Nothdurft
Over the past five years, health care access has deteriorated in Idaho.
February 28, 2018
By Tim Huelskamp, Ph.D., John Nothdurft, S.T. Karnick
Opponent of Reform Decried Heartland Institute’s Influence from Floor of State Senate
February 14, 2018
By John Nothdurft
In this testimony before the Arizona House Ways and Means Committee Addressing the Tax on Coal, John Nothdurft argues Arizona needs to change how its energy sources are taxed and regulated to maintain an efficient and affordable energy supply.
January 31, 2018
By John Nothdurft
John Nothdurft testified in a Wisconsin joint public hearing regarding welfare reform.
January 31, 2018
By John Nothdurft
“Far too often, welfare programs create dependency on government rather than help people seek long-term self-sufficiency.” - John Nothdurft
July 13, 2017
By John Nothdurft
A 2017 study disproves a claim that the United States will be able to run on 100-percent renewable energy by 2050. Furthermore, the renewable energy mandates needed to achieve this goal are costly and ineffective.
June 28, 2017
By John Nothdurft
The Supreme Court’s ruling in Trinity Lutheran v. Comer opens the door for schools to implement school choice programs.

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