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Joseph P. Fuhr


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Joseph P. Fuhr Jr. is an Adjunct Professor at the University of the Sciences, and policy advisor for The Heartland Institute.

Dr. Fuhr has 30+ years of experience in teaching and research.  He was previously a Professor of Economics at Widener University. 

Dr. Fuhr’s primary research areas are antitrust, health economics, pharmacoeconomics, telecommunications, and sports economics. He has published over forty journal articles. In the field of telecommunications, he has written on investment and innovation, rural telephony, terminal equipment and universal service. In health care, he has written on hospital mergers, exclusive arrangements, health insurance, bundling and doctor’s fees. In pharmacoeconomics, he has written on cost benefit analysis and predictive modeling. In sports economics, Dr. Fuhr has written on the economics of baseball and football. Professor Fuhr has been an expert witness on antitrust matters related to health economics and has worked on various consulting projects. He is an economic consultant and adjunct research professor for the Department of Health Policy at Thomas Jefferson University and affiliated with Darby Associates, Econsult and the American Consumer Institute.

Selected Scholarly Activity

  • Blackstone EA, and Fuhr JP, "Unintended Consequences: Generic Competition in the Prescription Drug Market," Medicare Patient Management, March/April 2006, pp.25-43.
  • Asher MA, DelRoccili JA, Fuhr JP, "The Antitrust Implications of Minimum Advertised Pricing: The Case of the U.S. Music Industry," Entertainment and Sports Law Journal, January, 2006.
  • Crawford AG, Fuhr JP, Clark J, Hubbs B, "The Comparative Effectiveness of Total Population verses Disease Specific Neutral Network Models in Predicting Medical Costs," Disease Management, October 2005, pp. 277-87.
  • Fuhr JP, He H, Goldfarb N, Nash D, "Use of Chromium Pricolinate and Biotin in the Management of type 2 Diabetes: An Economic Analysis," Disease Management. August 2005, pp.265-275.
  • Blackstone EA, and Fuhr JP, "Health Economics: Fundamentals and Flow of Funds: A Review Article," Atlantic Economics Journal, December 2004, pp. 346-354.

Professional Information

30+ years of experience in teaching and research

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