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Lewis Uhler

Lewis K. “Lew” Uhler is founder and president of the National Tax Limitation Committee, one of the nation’s leading grass roots taxpayer lobbies.

With offices in the Sacramento Area (Roseville) and Washington, DC, NTLC works with the White House, members of congress, legislators in states across the nation and grassroots organizations to limit state and federal spending through legal restrictions and constitutional change.

Uhler has been at the forefront of the national movements for a Tax Limitation/Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution and for term limits. He has written numerous articles and opinion pieces on taxes and spending. In 2010, Uhler co-authored with Erick Erickson the book Red State Uprising: How to Take Back America. Uhler also wrote the book, Setting Limits: Constitutional Control of Government, with foreword by Milton Friedman, published in 1989. Uhler speaks internationally on fiscal issues and has appeared on numerous national, regional and local television and radio programs and has been widely quoted in the print media.

In 1968, then-Governor Ronald Reagan selected Uhler to serve on the California Law Revision Commission. In 1970, Reagan designated Uhler as the Governor’s State Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity. Subsequently, Uhler served in Reagan’s cabinet as Assistant Secretary of the Health & Welfare Agency. In 1972, Governor Reagan asked Uhler to organize and serve as Chairman of the Governor’s Tax Reduction Task Force. With the assistance of a nationwide panel of advisors (including Nobel Laureates Milton Friedman and James Buchanan), the task force developed California’s landmark Revenue Control and Limitation Act, which became a model for tax-expenditure limitation measures in many states. In 1990, Uhler was co-author of Proposition 140, California’s pioneering state term limit initiative.

Uhler is a native Californian, a graduate of Yale University and the Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California at Berkeley. He is a member of the California Bar and serves of counsel with the Newport Beach law firm of Davis, Punelli & Keathley.

Recent Articles and Publications

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July 28, 2017
By Peter Ferrara, Lewis Uhler
The stakes could not be higher, for President Trump, the Republicans, and America.
July 24, 2017
By Peter Ferrara, Lewis Uhler
Republicans have not done a good job explaining their Obamacare Liberation bill to the American people.  But the Republican bill would actually be far better for the middle class, working people, and the poor than Obamacare.
March 9, 2017
By Peter Ferrara, Lewis Uhler
This paper -- the tenth and final in the Roadmap series -- describes efforts to define the optimal size of government, and policies that can get us there.
February 22, 2017
By Peter Ferrara, Lewis Uhler
This paper -- the ninth in the Roadmap series -- describes the importance of U.S. military readiness and three priorities for the new administration.
January 29, 2017
By Peter Ferrara, Lewis Uhler
Michael Moore is 62 years old, but he has the mind of an adolescent.
January 25, 2017
By Peter Ferrara, Lewis Uhler
This Roadmap paper describes how personal savings and investment accounts could entirely eliminate the unfunded liabilities of Social Security – and eventually Medicare.
January 25, 2017
By Joseph Bast, Peter Ferrara, Lewis Uhler
"With the freedom to choose personal savings, investment, and insurance accounts for Social Security, a proven reform in the real world, this paper shows that middle-income Americans would be empowered to retire as millionaires" - Peter Ferrara
January 12, 2017
By Peter Ferrara, Lewis Uhler
This Roadmap paper describes how choice and competition in education can improve student achievement and boost economic growth.

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