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Nikki Comerford

Contact Nikki Comerford 312-377-4000

Nikki Comerford is the events manager and associate publisher at The Heartland Institute.

Comerford has been with Heartland since 1999 as associate publisher of Heartland's four monthly newspapers: School Reform News, Health Care News, Environment & Climate News, and Budget & Tax News.

Comerford has an extensive background in marketing and advertising. She has been named top salesperson by several previous employers, including Chicago Suburban Times, Pioneer Press, and Today's Chicago Woman.

Born and raised in Chicago, Comerford is currently living in the far northwest suburbs.

2018 By the Numbers

See what sets Heartland apart:
82% of state elected officials read Heartland publications
of state elected officials read one or more Heartland newspapers "sometimes" or "always."
45% of elected officials say Heartland led to a change in policy
of state elected officials say a Heartland publication influenced their opinions or led to a change in public policy.
3.2 Million
the number of times Heartland's six podcasts were downloaded in 2018
184 issues
of weekly e-newsletters sent to subscribers across the country
158 events
that Heartland hosted, attended, or spoke at, reaching over 34,000 guests in 2018.
100,000 fans
on Facebook posting and reposting over 1 million times a week