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Scott Cleland

Scott Cleland is a precursor: a proven thought leader with a long track record of industry firsts.

Scott Cleland is Founder of Precursor® Research LLC, an independent investment research boutique specializing in Internet Reset Research™ for a select group of institutional investors on a secured subscription basis. Cleland coined the term “The Internet Reset” as the current inexorable paradigm shift from an ungoverned to a governed Internet.

He is widely recognized as a proven precursor and world-leading expert in Internet: policy, competition, and unaccountability.

Cleland served as Deputy United States Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy in the George H. W. Bush Administration. He was a policy advisor for The Heartland Institute from 2010 - 2018.

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Recent Articles and Publications

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November 15, 2018
By Scott Cleland
What is the simple key to passing bipartisan net neutrality and online privacy legislation?
November 7, 2018
By James Taylor, Peter Ferrara, H. Sterling Burnett, Bette Grande, Neal Schuerer, David L. Applegate, Arthur Viterito, Robert Bradley, Lance Izumi, Robert Maranto, Stephen B. Presser, Jameson Campaigne, Clifford Thies, Michael Warder, Mary Byrne , Jane M. Orient, M.D., Jonathan D. Haubert, Jarrett Skorup, Scott Cleland, Alieta Eck, M.D., William L. Anderson, Ann Bridges, Gerard Gianoli, M.D., Michael J. Koriwchak , Devon Herrick, Bartlett Cleland, Greg R. Lawson, Peter Wood , Joe Cobb, Allen Mendenhall, Christopher Garbacz
“Liberal San Francisco billionaire Tom Steyer had a very tough night last night.” - James Taylor
April 28, 2018
By Scott Cleland
“The Responsibility Reckoning” that everyone has been witnessing over the last year evidently is finally coming to the FTC with the Senate confirmation of a clean slate of FTC commissioners.
April 6, 2018
By Scott Cleland
Americans want their right to privacy restored.

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