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Scott Ehrlich

Scott Ehrlich is currently the Chief Operating Officer of DTC Perspectives, a company focused on improving healthcare communication with consumers to help them make better informed healthcare decisions. He is a Policy Advisor at The Heartland Institute.

Scott Ehrlich is currently the Chief Operating Officer of DTC Perspectives, a company focused on improving healthcare communication with consumers to help them make better informed healthcare decisions. He started there over a decade ago as an Account Executive and has worked up to managing day-to-day operations and long-term company strategy. While at DTC Perspectives, he has expanded the business from a sole focus on pharmaceuticals into other areas of healthcare marketing including hospital marketing, multicultural marketing, and public health.

At DTC Perspectives, he has created, planned, managed, and executed a number of conferences on a variety of healthcare marketing topics ranging from consumer-targeted pharma marketing to fighting childhood obesity to increasing health communication to a multicultural audience. While at these events, Scott largely focuses on hosting the events and awards ceremonies, moderating panels, initiating and facilitating discussion between speakers and the audience, and occasionally presenting on original research. Notable figures Scott has worked with on his events during his time at DTC Perspectives include former DNC Head and Governor of Vermont Howard Dean, former head of HHS and Governor of Wisconsin Tommy Thompson, former Georgia Congressman and current head of HHS Dr. Tom Price, former New Hampshire Governor and White House Chief of Staff John Sununu, and former Massachusetts Congressman Joseph Kennedy III.

Before his time at DTC Perspectives, Scott hosted a sports talk radio show throughout South Florida throughout 2004. Scott created, wrote, produced, and hosted Scotty Rollo on the Radio on 790 AM, where guests included various members of the Florida Marlins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, and Florida Panthers. Notable guests included NHL Hall of Famer Denis Potvin, World Series Champions Mike Lowell and Josh Beckett, MLB MVP and Triple Crown Winner Miguel Cabrera, long-time NFL QB Jay Fiedler, long-time NBA forward Caron Butler, as well as various analysts and commentators throughout the world of spots. Scott came to sports radio after working a variety of jobs in Minor League Baseball throughout North and South Carolina including writing press releases, raking the infield, sales, marketing, and even one day as a 7-foot mouse.

Scott was also a candidate for city council for the City of Peachtree Corners. After heading up communications during the successful drive for Peachtree Corners to become an independent city, the largest in Gwinnett County, Georgia, Scott ran for a post in the new inaugural city council, where he finished a respectable third out of three.

Originally born in White Plains, NY, Scott grew up in Randolph, NJ. Scott has since lived many different places, including throughout the southeastern United States, as well as spending a semester abroad in France during law school, London during college, and three years in Tokyo, Japan while in middle school. He has traveled to over 30 countries in his life on four different continents.

Scott has a bachelor’s degree in history from Wake Forest University and a JD and MBA from the University of Florida. He put that education to good use as he was once selected as a member of the contestant pool for the syndicated program Jeopardy but was unfortunately not used on the show, where he no doubt would have won. He currently lives in Peachtree Corners, GA, and spends his spare time with his wife Alexandra, his young son Colton, and his three pugs: Jobu, Brutus, and Coco.

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