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Walter Cunningham

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Walter Cunningham was the lunar module pilot on Apollo 7, the first manned flight test of the Apollo Program to land a man on the Moon. Cunningham is a member of the Astronaut Hall of Fame and a Policy Advisor to The Heartland Institute.

Walter Cunningham is a retired Marine Corps fighter pilot with the rank of colonel and 4,500 hours pilot time. He worked as a scientist for the RAND Corporation prior to joining NASA. While with RAND, he worked on classified defense studies and problems of the earth's magnetosphere.

Today, he is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, lecturer, author, and host of a radio talk show. He is a member of the Astronaut Hall of Fame. His writings and involvement with energy and the environment date back to 1970, when he was one of three founders of The Earth Awareness Foundation, an environmental concern organization. He is also author of The All American Boys, the human side of the space program.

Recipient of numerous national and international honors, including: NASA Distinguished Service Medal; NASA Exceptional Service Medal; AIAA Haley Astronautics Award; 1969 UCLA Professional Achievement Award; 1969 Special Trustees Award; Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Emmy); 1969 Medal of Valor, American Legion; 1975 Outstanding American Award, American Conservative Union; 1975 Listed in all major Who's Whos.

He is a Fellow at the American Astronautical Society and American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and numerous other organizations. He is also a member (or former member) at: the Selection Committee for the 1984 Rolex Awards for Enterprise, Society of Experimental Test Pilots, National Association of Small Business Investment Companies, Association of Space Explorers, American Geophysical Union, Sigma Pi Sigma, Explorers Club, Chairman, Texas Aerospace Commission, Advisory Board, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Director, Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, Advisory Board, National Space Biomedical Research Institute and numerous other professional and civic organization.

His education includes a B.S., with honors, in physics from the University of California at Los Angeles, an M.S., with distinction, from the Institute of Geophysics And Planetary Sciences, and completed work on a Doctorate in physics with exception of thesis. He also has an AMB from Harvard Business School.












Recent Articles and Publications

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January 5, 2018
By Tim Huelskamp, Ph.D., Jay Lehr, H. Sterling Burnett, Frederick D. Palmer, Isaac Orr, Bette Grande, Walter Cunningham, James H. Rust, Arthur Viterito
“The Trump administration recognizes fossil fuels are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, provide high paying jobs, and benefits the nation as a whole” - H. Sterling Burnett
October 9, 2017
By Tim Huelskamp, Ph.D., Isaac Orr, H. Sterling Burnett, Tim Benson, Frederick D. Palmer, Peter Ferrara, Bette Grande, S. T. Karnick, Walter Cunningham, Craig Idso, Donn Dears, Tom Harris, Alan Carlin, James E. Enstrom, John Coleman (1934-2018)
"Scrapping the Clean Power Plan is the first of a series of steps that must be taken to reverse the Obama administration’s energy policies." - Isaac Orr
May 2, 2017
By Jesse Hathaway, Peter Ferrara, Richard Vedder, Richard Ebeling, Isaac Orr, H. Sterling Burnett, Frederick D. Palmer, Bette Grande, Walter Cunningham, Christopher Garbacz, Yuri Maltsev, Marc Morano, Tom Harris
"Government debt is a millstone around the neck of American taxpayers, and if left unaddressed, it’ll be a noose." -Jesse Hathaway
February 28, 2017
By Richard J. Trzupek, Isaac Orr, H. Sterling Burnett, Mischa Popoff, Bette Grande, Walter Cunningham, Walter Starck
"I think America needs an EPA, but we need an EPA that’s focused on protecting the environment, not on satisfying the whims of environmentalists" - Rich Trzupek
January 1, 2010
By Walter Cunningham
Walter Cunningham has enjoyed careers in the United States Marine Corps, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and private industry, including 12 years as a venture capitalist.

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