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Author, The Bear's Lair (weekly column on economics/finance)
Senior Fellow
Professor, Yokohama National University
Henry L. and Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation Professor of Law, University of Virginia
General Counsel, Competitive Enterprise Institute
Environmental Activist, Policy Advisor
Former Research Scientist, Environment Canada
Senior Principal and Senior Vice President, GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
Policy Advisor, The Heartland Institute
Professor of climatology, Department of Geography, University of Delaware
Senior Science Analyst at CFACT
Senior Fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute
Adjunct Scholar, Mises Institute
Emeritus Professor of Meteorology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Senior Fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute
Professor of Atmospheric Science, University of Missouri - Columbia
Principal, ENTRANS Policy Research Group
Founding President, Doctors for Disaster Preparedness
Executive Director, Center for the Study of Carbon and Energy Markets
Assistant Professor of Economics, Northwood University
Policy Advisor, The Heartland Institute
Adjunct Research Professor, Economics, University of Akron
Senior Fellow, Cato Institute
Former Special Advisor, UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Co-founder, former leader of Greenpeace; Chairman of Ecology, Energy and Prosperity with Canada’s Frontier Centre for Public Policy
Past Director, Deregulation Unit at the Institute of Public Affairs
Executive editor and chief correspondent,
Executive Director, International Policy Network
D. Paul Jones, Jr. & Charlene Angelich Jones Chairholder of Law, University of Alabama
Founder and Portfolio Manager, Muhlenkamp & Company, Inc.
Director of Projects and Analysis/Senior Fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute
Environmental Director, Washington Policy Center
Regulatory Economist and Policy Advisor, The Heartland Institute
Executive Director, Citizen's Alliance for Responsible Energy
Policy Fellow, Center of the American Experiment
Senior Fellow, Cato Institute
Author; Policy Advisor, The Heartland Institute
Professor of Mining Geology, The University of Adelaide
Author, Is It Organic?

2018 By the Numbers

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82% of state elected officials read Heartland publications
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45% of elected officials say Heartland led to a change in policy
of state elected officials say a Heartland publication influenced their opinions or led to a change in public policy.
3.2 Million
the number of times Heartland's six podcasts were downloaded in 2018
184 issues
of weekly e-newsletters sent to subscribers across the country
158 events
that Heartland hosted, attended, or spoke at, reaching over 34,000 guests in 2018.
100,000 fans
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