Policy Advisor

Tom Feeney

Former Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Florida's 24th district

Baruch Feigenbaum

Assistant Director of Transportation Policy, The Reason Foundation

David Figlio

Professor of Economics, Northwestern University

Thomas A. Firey

Managing Editor, Regulation magazine; Senior Fellow, Maryland Public Policy Institute

Matthew J. Franck

Director, the William E. and Carol G. Simon Center on Religion and the Constitution of the Witherspoon Institute

Joseph P. Fuhr, Jr.

Professor, Economics, Widener University

Todd Gabel

Senior Fellow, Fraser Institute

Vincent H. Galbiati

Managing Director, Free To Choose Medicine Project

Lowell E. Gallaway

Professor of Economics, Ohio University

Christopher Garbacz

Director, Economics & Planning at the Mississippi Public Service Commission

Barry Garelick

Co-Founder, U.S. Coalition for World Class Math; Math teacher

John Garven

Founder and President, Benico, Ltd.

Lawrence Gasman

Policy Advisor, Technology

Jamie Gass

Director of the Center for School Reform, Pioneer Institute

Robert Genetski

Forecaster, Investment Advisor

Gerard Gianoli, M.D.

President, Ear and Balance Institute

Kevin W. Glass

Director of Policy and Outreach, Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity

Ken Glozer

President, OMB Professionals

Steve Goreham

Author, Environmental Researcher

Linda Gorman

Director of the Health Care Policy Center, Independence Institute