Barry P. Keating

Professor of Business Economics, University of Notre Dame

Professor Keating is Professor of Business Economics at the University of Notre Dame.

He specializes in understanding how not-for-profit organizations and function, more specifically, how they respond to incentives, changes in revenue and cost conditions, and changes in regulatory mechanisms. He frequently works with not-for-profits examining the role and value of volunteers and forecasting blood supplies for the United States. He has co-authored a book examining the economics of nonprofit firms and government units published by Blackwell (Oxford, U.K.).

He has also done extensive work in the areas of business forecasting and regulation. His forecasting and data mining textbook (in its sixth edition with McGraw-Hill) is the best-selling forecasting book for use in colleges and universities. He consults with both forecasting and data mining software producers and firms with forecasting problems (e.g., Cadbury, Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, Toyota, Wells Fargo, etc.).

Professor Keating is a Heritage Foundation Fellow (1992-96), a Heartland Institute Research Fellow, Former President of the Economic Club of Michiana, former Chair of the Department of Finance at Notre Dame, and serves on the Board of Advisors of both the Indiana Policy Review Group and the Institute of Business Forecasting.

Professor Keating has published more than 80 articles for professional journals and trade publications. He is the winner of a Kaneb Teaching Award from Notre Dame, the MBA Professor of the Year Award, and is a fellow of the Kaneb Center.