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How Medicaid Expansion (and the “Private Option”) Will Lock its Clients into Poverty

Dan Greenberg
April 15, 2013

Several Arkansas lawmakers have spent a substantial amount of time this session creating and designing their preferred version of Medicaid expansion: they call it the “private option,” be

Why Arkansas's Anti-Scalping Laws Should Be Repealed

Alex Cartwright
March 7, 2013

The paper, authored by Alex Cartwright, makes the case that anti-scalping laws encourage counterfeiting, encourage fraud, and create consumer confusion.

California’s New School Funding Flexibility

Margaret Weston
May 1, 2011

Margaret Weston outlines how California can add to new laws and increase flexibility on funds for schools facing budget crises.

How To Unshackle Charter Schools

Brian Kisida and Michael Q. McShane
February 23, 2011


What Questions Should You Ask About The New Health Care Reforms Of The Beebe Administration?

March 16, 2011

One week ago, Governor Mike Beebe revealed that he had been planning fundamental and unprecedented changes in the state’s Medicaid system, in concert with the Obama

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