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Double Indemnity: Crop Insurance and the Failure of U.S. Agricultural Disaster Policy

Joseph W. Glauber
August 31, 2007

For the past 30 years, Congress has struggled with how to best provide protection against natural disasters to agricultural producers.

School Turnarounds: Resisting the Hype, Giving Them Hope

Frederick M. Hess, Thomas Gift
February 1, 2011

Despite hype and hope, turning around any failed institution is “an iffy proposition,” write Frederick Hess and Thomas Gift in an American Enterprise Institute policy study.

Opportunities for Efficiency and Innovation: A Primer on How to Cut College Costs

Vance H. Fried
June 24, 2011

Over the past two decades, the cost of a college education has risen dramatically.

K–12 Budget Picture: Lean Years Ahead

Frederick M. Hess and Whitney Downs
November 1, 2010

School districts should prepare for lean budget years not just this fall, but for at least the next half decade, says a study from Frederick Hess and Whitney Downs at the American Enterprise Instit

Faulty Studies from Center for Justice & Democracy Are Stunting the Medical-Malpractice Debate

Ted Frank and Martin F. Grace
April 24, 2006

Congress is scheduled to revisit medical-malpractice reform again this May.  Americans for Insurance Reform (AIR), however, has announed that the medical liability crisis is "over,

Private Discounts, Public Subsidies: How The Medicare Prescription Drug Discount Card Really Works

Joseph Antos and Ximena Pinell
September 1, 2004

The authors contend in this publication from AEI Press, that 

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Joseph Antos
March 1, 2004

The dispute continues in Washington regarding the costs of the recently enacted Medicare reform bill.  The Bush administration now estimates that the program will cost  more t

The Grim Economics of Pharmaceutical Importation

John E. Calfee
November 1, 2003

In this policy and report from AEI, the author claims that political pressure has been mounting to give Americans access to prescription drugs from price-controlled nations, yet any legislatio

No Way Back: Why Air Pollution Will Continue to Decline

Joel Schwartz
August 1, 2003

This publication, a project of the National Research initiative, points out the verifiable truth that air quality has improved in the U.S.

States' Rights on Steroids

Michael S. Greve
October 1, 2002

Author Michael S.

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