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Moving Beyond College: Rethinking Higher Education Regulation for an Unbundled World

Michael B. Horn & Andrew P. Kelly
August 1, 2015

In the face of increasing costs and lackluster outcomes, traditional higher education is under increasing pressure to prove its value proposition.

Lifting the Crude Oil Export Ban

Ben Zycher
July 28, 2015

Dismantles the arguments supporting the  current export ban on crude oil.

China, the US, and the geopolitics of energy

Daniel Blumenthal
July 7, 2015

Describes the geopolitical situation between China and the U.S.


Dan Blumenthal, Derek M. Scissors, Andreas Goldthau, Michael Mazza, James A. Slutz, Sara Vakhshou
February 25, 2015

Paper predicts that absent significant institutional reforms in China --including expanded property rights and markets, over the next 15 years, China's energy demand will substantially decline prov

Are low oil prices good or bad?

Vaclav Smil
December 22, 2014

The speed and amount that oil and gasoline prices have fallen have shocked many, called a blessing by some, and dangerous or regrettable by others.

Not So Modest: Pension Benefits for Full-Career State Government Employees

Andrew G. Biggs
March 19, 2014

City and state governments around the country are pursuing reforms to address the rising costs of public employee pension plans.

Scientists Sit Out Genetic Engineering Debate

Blake Hurst
September 24, 2014

Genetically modified seeds are good for the environment and good for our pocketbook.

Tampering with Part D Will Not Solve Our Debt Crisis

Joseph Antos and Roland (Guy) King
June 29, 2011

It was clear from the outset that spending reductions in Medicare would be on the table in negotiations over raising the legal limit on U.S. government borrowing.

Letting 50 Flowers Bloom: Using Federalism to Spur Environmental Innovation

Jonathan H. Adler
January 8, 2002

This 2004 paper in The Jurisdynamics of Environmental Protection: Change and the Pragmatic Voice in Environmental Law by Case Western Reserve University law professor Jonathan H.

Let Fifty Flowers Bloom: Transforming the States into Laboratories of Environmental Policy

Jonathan H. Adler
January 8, 2002

A 2002 paper for the American Enterprise Institute by Case Western law professor Jonathan H.

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