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The Joys of Oligopoly

Nick Schulz
January 10, 2013

In this post at AEI on the freedom and innovation of the internet (that was also posted at the The Wall

Hawaii Anti-Gmo 'Corruption' Scandal? Genetic Literacy Project Investigation Underway

Jon Entine
September 3, 2013

In this article, Jon Entine accounts for a rancorous debate going on in Hilo over genetically altered fruit.  He writes that, 

Blowing Down the Windy City

Michael Auslin
August 2, 2013

This article that also appeared at National Review Online, Michael Auslin asserts that Chicago

Filling The Gap: Less-Skilled Immigration In A Changing Economy

Madeline Zavodny, and Tamar Jacoby
June 10, 2013

In this policy study, the authors note that immigration reform is back on the agenda in Washington, and one of the most disputed questions, this year as in past immigration debates, is whether the

The Role Of Political Science And Political Scientists In Civic Education

James W. Ceaser
August 8, 2013

UVA professer James Ceaser writes that civic education in America today is widely said to be in trouble.

We're No. 1 — In Public Employee Pay

Andrew G. Biggs
August 12, 2013

In this article that also appeared at National Review Online, Biggs

Capital Income Taxation: Reframing the Debate

Alan D. Viard
July 26, 2013

In this economic perspective from AEI, the author asserts that although capital income taxes penalize saving and slow long-run growth, the federal tax system imposes multiple such taxes.

The Uncertain Dangers of the Volcker Rule

Charles W. Calomiris
July 22, 2013

This article in The American at AEI notes that, 

Taking Charge: A State-Level Agenda for Higher Education Reform

Andrew P. Kelly, Daniel K. Lautzenheiser
July 8, 2013

Reform-minded state policymakers have an opportunity to remake their higher education systems for the 21st century, but it will not be easy.

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