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Facilities Financing: Monetizing Education’s Untapped Resource

Himanshu Kothari
April 4, 2011

One of schools’ biggest expenses currently is updating and building new facilities, but local budgets often do not have room to do this work, writes Himanshu Kothari in an American Enterprise Insti

From School Choice to Educational Choice

Frederick M. Hess, Olivia Meeks, Bruno V. Manno
April 4, 2011

The "whole school" approach to education reform has made it difficult for specialty education providers to get past bureaucratic rules and offer their services to parents, students, and teachers, w

More than the Mantra of 'Mayoral Control': Rethinking District Governance for the 21st Century

Frederick M. Hess, Olivia Meeks
December 1, 2011

Mayoral control and other popular remedies mistakenly focus on the faltering performance of school boards themselves and thereby fail to address the underlying dysfunction of an outdated Progressiv

Competitive Bidding Can Help Solve Medicare’s Fiscal Crisis

Roger Feldman, Robert Coulam, and Bryan Dowd
February 1, 2012

Roger Feldman, Robert Coulam, and Bryan Dowd write that "A major reason Medicare faces a severe fiscal crisis is because it pays too much for basic benefits.

Waive to the Top: The Dangers of Legislating Education Policy from the Executive Branch

Benjamin Riley
March 5, 2012

President Obama has announced a way to help states get around No Child Left Behind’s requirements.

Something Has Got to Change: Rethinking Special Education

Nathan Levenson
January 3, 2011

In an American Enterprise Institute working paper, Nathan Levenson offers practical solutions to tame out-of-control special education spending while serving special-needs students better.

The Troubling Case of Bisphenol A

Jon Entine
March 31, 2010

On January 15, 2010, the U.S.

Civic Education in Traditional Public, Charter, and Private Schools: Moving From Comparison to Explanation

David Campbell
October 20, 2011

A growing number of studies have demonstrated that private schools and many charters provide a much better civic education than public schools, notes  David Campbell of the University of Notre

High Schools, Civics, and Citizenship: What Social Studies Teachers Think and Do

Steve Farkas, Ann Duffett
September 1, 2010

Teachers may be setting too low a bar for what they expect students to know about American history and government, conclude Steve Farkas and Ann Duffett in a national, random sample survey of high

Strengthening the Civic Mission of Charter Schools

Robin Lake, Cheryl Miller
January 9, 2012

By characterizing education primarily as the path to personal and professional advancement, reformers have (albeit unintentionally) redefined education as a private good, divorcing schooling from i

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