American Legislative Exchange Council

Sagebrush Rebellion Act

American Legislative Exchange Council (unsigned)
January 1, 1995
In this Heartland PolicyFax, it presents a model piece of legislation as publicized by ALEC's.

Resolution on Maintaining Confidentiality of Patient-Identifiable Information in Medical Research

September 10, 1999
In this model legislation, the bill seeks to protect patients from privacy violations but in a way that does not stifle innovation.  It concludes:

The Reverse Mortgage Enabling Act

May 8, 1995

In this model legislation, the bill states that it would allow persons to meet their financial needs by accessing the equity in their home through a reverse mortgage.

HIV Testing and Reporting Act

December 14, 2000

In this model and sample bill, the purpose of it is as follows:

Complying with Kennedy-Kassebaum: Better Options for the States

Peter J. Ferrara
March 1, 1997

This report will first describe the enacted Kassebaum-Kennedy provisions.  It will then discuss the negative effects that are likely to result from the guaranteed issue provisions

Patient Protection Laws and Mandated Health Benefits at the State Level

Conrad F. Meier
December 1, 1998

In this new era of health care regulation, states have rapidly advanced government-run health care and hastened the demise of the freemarket health care system.  These laws escalat

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