American Legislative Exchange Council

Health Care Tax Relief and Equity Act

January 12, 1995

In this model legislation from ALEC, it reads, 

Emergency Services Personnel Protection Act

December 14, 2000

in this model legislation, the bill aims to notify emergency service personnel (e.g. police officers, paramedics, firefighters) of possible HIV exposure.

The Consumer Awareness Act of Future Premium Rates For Long-Term Care Insurance

September 2, 1998

In this model legislation published by ALEC, the bill's aim is to, 

Prescription Non-Narcotic Assured Access Act

January 2, 2001

In this model legislation, it states:

Victims of Sexual Offenses Protection Act

December 14, 2000

This piece of model legislation authorizes the prosecuting party to request a blood sample from the person charged with a sexual offense to determine whether or not the individual has the HIV

HIV Prison Testing Act

February 1, 1995

In this model legislation, the bill aims to authorize the Department of Corrections to individually test committed persons for infection of the human immunodeficiency virus.

Long-Term Care Equity Protection Act

December 27, 2000

In this model legislation and summary, the bill asserts that its purpose is intended to be introduced in conjunction with the Long-Term Care Insurance Act.

The Rural Hospital Deregulation Act

December 21, 2000

In this model legislation, the purpose of this Act is to review and waive state regulations and restricted reimbursement policies that pertain to rural hospitals.

Resolution on the Storage of High-Level Radioactive Waste

October 8, 1995
ALEC’s model Resolution Urges the President and Congress to act expeditiously in procuring a site or sites for the storage of high-level radioactive waste.

HIV Partner Notification Act

December 14, 1999

In this ALEC model legislation, the bill states that 

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