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The Minimum Wage and Its Effect on Kentucky’s Economy

Brian Strow
February 16, 2015

This report, published by the Bluegrass Institute—a free-market non-profit organization “dedicated to arming Kentucky’s freedom fighters with the information they need to defend their individual li

Smoking Bans Cloud Free Market’s Ability to Thrive

Aaron L. Morris
September 28, 2005

Smoking and health concerns

The harmful effects of cigarettes on smokers have been well documented since the 1950s.

K-PREP Data Sourcebook

Richard G. Innes
December 1, 2012

In this policy report, Innes writes that, 

Future Shock: Legislators Stoking the Coals on Kentucky’s Runaway Pension Train

Lowell Reese
January 2, 2012

The pension and healthcare funds for government employees in Kentucky — the state-administered pension systems — are in significant financial stress.

Future Shock: Kentucky Politicians’ Opulent Pensions Have Become A Modern-Day Gold Rush

Lowell Reese
June 11, 2012

The first gold rush in the United States was not — as widely thought — in California in 1849; rather, it was in Georgia in 1828.

An Unsustainable Path: The Past and Future of Kentucky Medicaid Spending

John Garen

John Garen, professor in economics at the University of Kentucky and adjunct scholar at the Bluegrass Institute, writes an extensive study on the expansion of Medicaid in his state.

A Tea Party plan to put ‘Big Government’ on a diet

Jim Waters
June 10, 2011
“No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size,” said President Ronald Reagan.

Education bureaucrats crying ‘poor’ when they fail is really rich

Jim Waters
May 5, 2011
The famous Russian researcher Ivan Pavlov discovered “classical conditioning” — dogs would begin to salivate w
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