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Federal Government Cost Overruns

Chris Edwards, Nicole Kaeding
September 30, 2015

Federal agencies have little incentive to control costs or improve quality, and Congress does a poor job of overseeing the executive branch to ensure good performance.

The Case Against a Carbon Tax

Phil Knappenberger
September 4, 2015

Environmentalists and their allies in Congress have tried to argue that a carbon tax is the best (most efficient and effective) way to fight human caused climate change.

High Gasoline Prices and the Unfair Sales Act in Wisconsin

J. Isaac Brannon
September 1, 2000

Politicians—mindful of the November elections—have been searching for villains to blame as gasoline prices hit record levels across the county.

Political Influence and the Internal Revenue Service

Jim F. Couch, Keith Atkinson, Tommie Singleton, Pete M. Williams
January 1, 1999

University of North Alabama associate professor of economics Jim Couch; associate professors of accountancy Tommie Singleton and Pete Williams; and Delta State University associate professor of acc

Renewable Energy: Not Cheap, Not “Green”

Robert L. Bradley Jr.
August 27, 1997

A multi-billion-dollar government crusade to promote renewable energy for electricity generation, now in its third decade, has resulted in major economic costs and unintended environmental conseque

Low Hanging Fruit Guarded by Dragons

Brink Lindsey
June 22, 2015

Argues that to reverse slow downs in the economy and to sustain economic growth over the long-term, there are a series of regulatory reforms that should be taken, 'low-hanging fruit.' Rescinding re

Dodd-Frank’s Expansion of Fed Power: A Historical Perspective

Norbert Michel
September 27, 2014

In this essay, published in the Cato Journal, Heritage Foundation research fellow Norbert Michel examines the history of the Federal Reserve and how it has expanded government control over

If You Don’t Want Your Food Genetically Modified, Tell Nature to Stop It.

Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar
May 22, 2015

Through a natural phenomenon called “gene flow," all human beings, plants and animals are genetically modified.

When Will Climate Scientists Say They Were Wrong?

May 29, 2015

Temperatures simply aren't rising as predicted by climate models.

Is the Government Buying Science or Support? A Framework Analysis of Federal Funding-induced Biases

April 30, 2015

This study examines the extent to which bias infects the scietific research the federal government funds and uses to support its regulatory agenda.

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