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Has U.S. Income Inequality Really Increased?

Alan Reynolds
January 8, 2007

In this Policy Analysis, the authors contends that there are frequent complaints that U.S. income inequality has increased in recent decades.

The Case against the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren
November 21, 2005

In this Policy Analysis for CATO, the authors write that the Strategic Petroleum Reserve has been almost uniformly embraced by politicians and energy economists as one of the best means to protect

Individual Mandates for Health Insurance

Michael Tanner
April 5, 2006

In this Policy Analysis, Michael Tanner asserts that proposals for achieving universal health insurance coverage are once again receiving serious attention.

No Miracle in Massachusetts

Michael Tanner
August 6, 2006

Executive Summary:

Toward Property Rights in Spectrum: The Difficult Policy Choices Ahead

Dale Hatfield and Phil Weiser
August 17, 2006

In this Policy Analysis, the authors write that the vision laid out by economist Ronald Coase in his 1959 paper on spectrum remains the guiding light for spectrum policy reform.

The Federal Marriage Amendment: Unnecessary, Anti-Federalist, and Anti-Democratic

Dale Carpenter
June 1, 2006

In this Policy Analysis for CATO, Dale Carpenter contends that members of Congress who have proposed a constitutional amendment preventing states from recognizing same-sex marriages claim that an a

The Case Against Smoking Bans

Thomas A. Lambert
April 24, 2006


Evaluating the Welfare Effects of Drug Advertising

W. David Bradford and Andrew N. Kleit
April 1, 2006

In this essa in Regulation, the authors contend that the Food and Drug Administration changed the rules for the broadcast of direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs.

Against the New Paternalism: Internalities and the Economics of Self-Control

Glen Williams
February 22, 2006

In this Policy Analysis, the author writes that eonomists have long argued that government intervention makes most sense in situations that involve externalities.

Avoiding Medicare's Pharmaceutical Trap

Doug Bandow
November 30, 2005

In this Policy Analysis, Doug Bandow asserts that the Medicare drug benefit will soon set a dangerous trap.

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