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The Sharing Economy: A Positive Shared Vision for the Future

Michael J. Horney
July 31, 2014
New markets of individual buyers and sellers have emerged from the ability of Internet users to avail themselves o

Restoring Limits on the FCC's Ancillary Authority

Daniel Lyons
January 4, 2014

Verizon’s pending appeal of the Federal Communications Commission’s network neutrality order presents one of the most significant legal questions in modern telecommunications policy: whether, and t

FCC Preemption of State Bans on Municipal Broadband Networks Is Most Likely Unlawful

Seth L. Cooper
February 26, 2014

Following its second stinging judicial rebuke in as many attempts to impose Internet regulations, the FCC is now gearing up for a third try.

Will High Retransmission Consent Fees Hamper a Successful Incentive Auction?

Randolph J. May, and Gregory J. Vogt
December 11, 2013

In this analysis of technology delivery, the authors contend that in recent years, over-the-air broadcasters have been able to exact increasingly higher fees for permitting Multichannel Video

Improving FCC Process

Randolph J. May
July 11, 2013

This document is a testimony by Randolph May.

The Case for Program Carriage Reform

Seth L. Cooper
June 12, 2013
The Federal Communications Commission now has an opportunity to rethink its misguided aggressive regulatory approa

Reasserting the Property Rights Source of IP

Seth L. Cooper
June 13, 2013
Economic prosperity generated by and through intellectual property is dependent upon the existence of the same con

Digital Downloads Should Be Protected from Discriminatory and Duplicate Taxes

Seth L. Cooper
June 6, 2012

Explosive growth in the purchase and delivery of digital goods and services through the Internet cloud is a sure source of economic vitality and optimism for our nation.

A Mobile Device Is Not Your Grandmother’s Telephone Anymore: It’s A Mobile Health Center

Deborah Taylor Tate
January 7, 2013

In this essay by Deborah Tate, asserts that smart phones represent technology that is changing our lives, enabling us to gain new research and insights into disease through collaboration 

Why Stovepipe Regulation No Longer Works: An Essay on the Need for a New Market-Oriented Communications Policy

January 30, 2006

In the ten years since enactment of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the telecommunications industry has undergone profound technological and marketplace changes.

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