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H.R. 3012: Right to Try Act of 2015

U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon, U.S. House of Representatives
July 9, 2015


Right to Try Act of 2015

Dead on Arrival: Federal 'Compassionate Use' Leaves Little Hope for Dying Patients

Mark Flatten
February 24, 2016

The Goldwater Institute's report on right to try laws as a possible solution to overcoming the U.S.

Everyone Deserves the Right to Try: Empowering the Terminally Ill to Take Control of Their Treatment

Christina Corieri
February 11, 2014

Anna was only 13 years old when she died of an embryonal sarcoma, a rare form of liver cancer.6 Six months before she died, she had exhausted all conventional therapies, and her doctors informed th

A New Day for School Choice: Education Savings Accounts Turn 3 Years Old

Jonathan Butcher
December 16, 2013

This policy brief reviews the ESA's first years of operation in Arizona.

Dollars, Flexibility, and an Effective Education: Parent Voices on Arizona’s Education Savings Accounts

Jonathan Butcher
October 3, 2013

Jonathan Butcher contends in this Policy Report that Arizona’s education savings accounts are the most innovative way for parents to find a great education for their child.

Expanding Education Choices: From Vouchers and Tax Credits to Savings Accounts

Jonathan Butcher and Lindsey M. Burke
July 26, 2013

In this policy report, the authors assert that education is on the verge of a new frontier. Online virtual schools are spreading, and charter schools now account for some 2 million students.

Recognizing Pension System Insolvency: A Catalyst for Lasting Reform

Nick Dranias, and Byron Schlomach
August 2, 2013

In this policy report, the authors point out that public pension systems must be reformed to maintain their solvency and to preserve the fiscal health of state and local government.

Increasing Entrepreneurship Is a Key to Lowering Poverty Rates

November 13, 2012

There is a strong connection between a state’s rate of entrepreneurship and declines in poverty.

The Myth of Education Cuts and Why Money Can’t Buy an A+

Jonathan Butcher
October 11, 2012

Many Arizonans, like many Americans, believe their state “underfunds” education.

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